24 Weeks – #2

How far along? I’m 24 weeks along and wow is time ever dragging.  What other events do you count down in weeks almost a year out?? Geeze, if I had a trip booked for 40 weeks out I wouldn’t even think of it until the last 3 months.   (more…)

December 6

Hi!  Can we please talk about the weather for a hot second? It’s pretty great right now!  It is unseasonably warm, I mean, yesterday was 3 degrees!  It was the most glorious day to go for a walk.  There is just something about not having the cold bite your face instantly that warms me up inside.  We’ve also had far and away the most snow I’ve seen so early in the season during my four winters here.  Currently we have a glorious 10 day stretch without precipitation in the forecast.  I’m doing a happy dance.  I mean, look at this screenshot from December 10, 2016, and tell me you wouldn’t be dancing too. (more…)

November 26

We’ve had quite the snow day here today, 5-ish inches and counting.  It’s Sunday and Shane is home, so it’s pretty much the most ideal day for a snow day ever.  I’ve been here for four Novembers now, and this is by far the snowiest I’ve seen!  It’s gorgeous!  Later in the week the temperatures are supposed to warm up to -4C and I am SO excited for it!  Side note: that picture above is so funny.  If I didn’t know better I’d think I took it last year since Hazel looks pretty much the same and wore the same jacket/scarf combo.   (more…)

Quebec City

I was lucky enough to go on my first ever solo vacation last month, with a quick trip to Quebec City.  I decided on Quebec because 1: the Canadian dollar is weeeeeak, so any exchange was really going to hurt which ruled out anywhere, especially the USA and 2: I only had 5 days to work with, so it needed to be close-ish but still feel adventurous.  I gotta say, I was very happy with my choice! (more…)

November 18

Hello to this writing space!  It’s been a while.  One lovely thing to come back to was my sourdough starter!  I missed baking (and especially eating) bread.  Not that I didn’t eat bread for a month, but it wasn’t my amazing sourdough lol.  The only thing I was really looking forward to on this return was my kitchen actually, ha!  It always takes a few days for me to feel comfortable in my house again, but once I’m in for 48 hours I love it all over. (more…)

21 Weeks – #2

How far along? I’m nearing 21 weeks as I write this.  I was away from my computer for more than a month, hence the very spacious posting. (more…)

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