Day 53, Prague

sunny 21 °C

a chandelier made from every bone in the body
5819159388_5f01858507.jpgWe slept in this morning and hurried to catch the 1000 train to Kunta Hora. We scarfed our breakfast and caught the tram. When our train arrived we scampered on board. The cabin soon filled up and suddenly we were sitting with a family, amongst others. We chatted them up for a while, they were from Spain, close to San Sebastian where we had been. They had a really cute little girl and her grandpa was traveling with them. The family was quite out going and easy to talk to. When our train got to Kutna Hora we helped them find our connection train to another station. This is where we said good-bye.
5818674601_3f1d4e35fe.jpgWe turned to the right and set in for our walk. We arrived 3km later at Sedlec Ossuary. This is a church decorated with the bones of over 40 000 skeletons. It was very cool. The story says that head of the monastery in Sedlec was sent to the Holy Land and returned with a pocketful of soil. He sprinkled it on the cemetery and people flocked here to die. During the plague thousands and thousands were buried here. Eventually they decided to built a church in the center of the cemetery and a few hundred years later the displaced bones were used as decoration. It has been this way now since 1870. We loved it! It was a very cool place to see.
5819257782_1b9100e3a9.jpgWe walked back to the old town in Kutna Hora. After quite some time, passing an impromptu market, we found the place we had in mind for lunch. We drank out 20 crown beer quickly. The food was amazing! Lard dumplings and fritters stuffed with prunes! We even tried to Czech crepes, yum! The last thing we wanted to see before we left was St Barbara’s Cathedral. This place was beautiful. It has lots of flying buttresses and peaked roofs. St Barbara is the patron saint of the miners and so there are murals on the walls dating back to the 15th century! There were confessional pews and choir benches from the 1600s!! (We touched them…don’t tell)
5819410020_994e0afde5.jpgWe wandered back down to the train station to catch a train to the main train station. Waiting on the main platform was actually quite nice, there wasn’t that much traffic, the wind was rustling and the birds singing. The train back to Prague seemed a lot shorter, but that may have been because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. We grabbed some sausage while we transfered trams, dinner for 1.6 euros. We spent the next few hours planning out our next move and packing once again.

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