Day 77, Frankfurt

sunny 25 °C

The morning was still fresh and the sun had not yet shone on the little town of Gimmelwald when we left early this morning. Okay so it wasn’t all that early, it was 0800 when we took the cable car into the valley, but we had already remade our beds for the next visitors (lazy hostel buggers.) We took the bus to the train station in Lauternbrunnen and a train from there to Interlaken. From Interlaken we took a train to Bern and finally we connected to Frankfurt. We realized already back in Gimmelwald waiting for the cable car that we had neglected to write down the name or address of our hostel. How many times are we going to do this?
We made it to Frankfurt at 1530 and immediately wished we had gone straight to Amsterdam, it was only 4 hours farther! (and a few hours wait.) When we found the hostel only 100m from the train station we could tell the area was not great, train stations usually gather a transient crowd. Later in the evening, when we got back from dinner, we saw a guy smoking a rock of crack in a pipe right in front of our door. The hostel itself was uber-ghetto, an office building turned into dorm rooms. We kept telling ourselves it was only one night!
While getting Gary on and off the trains during the day the pulling handle had broken right off. Gary was getting harder and harder to deal with. We brainstormed what to do about him, duck tape? rope? tie him to a skateboard? In the end we used Shane’s belt and this seems to do the trick very well. The rest of the evening we did laundry, drank applewine and ate Chinese food. Oh. And dried not to go crazy.

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