Going crazy.

Okay, so since we last spoke things got crazy.  In chronological order things went like this; I got this book I made about our trip to Puerto Rico in the mail.  I think I’ll post more about that later since it’s sweet, and will totally get overshadowed in this post.


The next night Shane and I went on a date to White Spot for pirate packs. It was pirate pack day! I hadn’t had one since I turned ten!  It was just as awfully delicious as I remember.  But this time I had it with a beer, serious improvement.  After dinner we went to the movies and saw Elysium.  Great movie! Totally rated R.  Didn’t realize that.  Kinda grossed out. But Matt Damon, whoa.

That night (after our movie) my dad called and said that his surgery was a-go.  It was the third time it was scheduled and none of us were really counting on it.  It wasn’t confirmed until around 11pm that night.  And really, nothing was final until he was in surgery.


I met my sister and Dad in Abbotsford at 7:15 that morning and we were in the hospital to begin waiting at 9:15.  We waited in the pre-operating room until 12:45 and then sat in the cafeteria until 4:30.  We waited to speak to the doctor until 7:30, when he finally called.  Everything with the surgery was fine, but he was going to spend some extra time in the recovery room (my dad is a feisty guy, apparently).  We grabbed some dinner at Tim Hortons and then waited in the spinal recovery floor until 9:30.  At that time we really had to leave so I could go to work.  We asked if we could see him in the recovery since we had been waiting all day.


Seeing him was a sight I’ll never forget.  It was the same experience I had when my mom came out of her surgery and was on morphine. It’s such a mind warping drug (at least in pain controlling quantities), and it’s hard to watch the people you love suffer through it.

The next day Oma, Opa, Shane and I drove into Vancouver to see Dad.  He was looking a heck of a lot better than the night before!  He was already up and walking, I was relieved to see.  We brought some treats and some coffee and headed back home, stopping at Mr Mikes for dinner.  Thanks for dinner Oma and Opa!

Heather has been employed to look after Dad’s farm while he is laid up recovering and the day of dad’s surgery her hired help decided to take off, leaving her high and dry.  Because she was in a bind I offered to help with the barn cleaning on Saturday.  After work Friday night I drove to Chilliwack with a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Steph to give to Dad and I helped Heather clean the barn until it was done around 12.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and fell into a solid sleep.

Sunday, when I woke up in the early afternoon I was told Dad was on his way home from the hospital, two days early!  It was a shock to all of us.  A pleasant shock of course.  Shane and I went to the mall to do some clothes shopping, getting ready for fall.  I found boots! And jeans! (My first skinny jeans ever, and somehow I bought three in one day).  I love when everything just fits.

Now it’s Monday afternoon and Shane and I just cooked up a storm of food to bring to Dad’s for dinner tonight.  I’ve told Heather that I will be helping her out on barn cleaning days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), so that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow after work! I do hope we’ll talk again soon!

2 Comments on Going crazy.

  1. herman wilbrink
    August 20, 2013 at 12:37 am (5 years ago)

    love you Alyssa, thanks for everything you have done for me….you as well Shane, for you smile and your thoughtfulness…God bless you both

  2. Michelle Geerts
    August 26, 2013 at 8:01 pm (4 years ago)

    Such a busy stressful week! I’m so glad everything went well for your dad. Your the Best Sister Ever for helping Heather clean and bringing her cookies! She really appreciates it and her spirits were lifted. Now someone should make YOU cookies!


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