Dark Chocolate Souffles with Cardamom Creme Anglaise

IMG_1924So this here is my first ever souffle.  Boy, aren’t I fancy?  I gotta say, I was kinda disappointed.  I mean, I’m pretty sure I did it right.  I think it’s supposed to be as light and airy as it was, but it wasn’t really my speed.  I like my warm cakes molten and oozing (I still think about this one all the time), but this was like biting into a really overly sweet cloud.  And that there is my other qualm, it was way too sweet.  I could do with at least half the sugar, but I don’t even want to guess how that would change the chemistry in the souffle, lets just not even go there.  Lastly, all that hype/stress over this?  Give me a piece of cake any day.  

All that said, this dessert was a bit of a fancy pants show stopper.  It was a good dessert for a special meal and it did deliver on the theatrics.  I loved the cardamom creme anglais.  It was creamy and decadent and totally delicious.  I may have sneaked a few extra spoonfuls straight into my mouth.  The header in the book says to make a double batch and churn the rest for a scrumptious ice cream.  I for one think that is a fabulous idea.  And if I hadn’t made a half batch instead of a double batch I’d do just that.  I might try anyways, because that sounds wonderful.

Baking notes:
-I made a half recipe of both the souffle and creme anglaise, and they worked perfectly.
-I baked the souffle for a lot longer than called for.  At 12 minutes they were still liquid inside.  I think total I baked them for 18 minutes.  Though you can tell by sticking a knife into one and having it come out clean.

The recipe for Dark Chocolate Souffles with Cardamom Creme Anglaise can be found on the epicurious website.  (2 different recipes)


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