Whistler Weekend!

IMG_2200So Shane and I went to Whistler and it was epically awesome.  We had amazing weather (I’ve seriously never seen it so nice), and lots of fun cruising the shops and eating delicious food.


We started by leaving home early Sunday morning, which is the best time to travel towards the city.  We were there in two hours, which was much faster than I figured, it was like 9:30.  We parked the car and set out on foot.  The first place we stopped was Roger’s Chocolate, which is my favourite chocolate shop ever.  Don’t know what to buy me for my birthday/Christmas? Always buy my Victoria creams.  They’re the best.  Slowly we made our way to the upper village, which was packed by 11:15.  The farmers market was in it’s last weekend of the season and everyone was there.  We beelined for the soup tasting, which was our lunch.  We paid $6 each and were given five tiny cups to sample from 11 soups and then select our favourite for a whole bowl.  For the first three cups we sampled the same soups until Shane said “This is stupid, we should be sharing!”  So we did.  All and all we tried seven soups (four of which were chowders).  In the end we shared our bowls, one a corn chowder and another seafood chowder.  They were damn good.


After we looked over the merchandise at the turkey sale we opted to stop at a place that I go every single time I’m in Whistler.  Shane always complains that he doesn’t like the place, but then begged me to go there.  What gives?  Anyways, we stopped in Ciao Thyme Bistro for their yam fries, which are thick, hand cut yams topped with a balsamic reduction and a onion-dijon mayo for dipping.  Omg, I love them so.


While we were looking at the shops in the upper village for gloves/toques/a jacket for me we stumbled across a pretty snowboarding jacket.  It was a $599 Soloman jacket from 2012, that was marked down to $199.  I couldn’t buy it. I thought that was way too much money, since buying a jacket wasn’t in the budget and Natasha could get me that Roxy jacket I had wanted for about $120.  I refused even though there were only two left and it was such an amazing jacket.  I mean, come on, it’s built for snowboarding!  And it’s gore-tex for pete’s sake!  I would never have another wet day on the hill.  We left with Shane basically yelling (in a loving way) that I was ridiculous not to get it, because I was getting a jacket one way or another this season, and this was a much nicer jacket for the money than I would get later on.  He was right, but I had to keep looking.


On our way to the hotel, after looking in a dozen other stores, and having Shane berate me that I needed to go and get it, I finally did.  We hiked back to the Upper village and bought it.  I couldn’t even be happy about my new jacket, I was so stressed out.  We bought a bath bomb from Lush before we checked in and I took a nice hot bath to calm my nerves.  And ate a bunch of candy from the glass elevator. (Another tradition!)


After getting ready for dinner we opted for a pre-dinner drink at the Canada House Restaurant.  We drank some pumpkin ale and chatted each other up before we headed to our dinner spot, Araxi.  Now we had hummed and hawed over this reservation too (gosh we’re indecisive!).  We didn’t go out to eat for a month before hand to save for this trip and we were worried that for the money we paid we wouldn’t totally love it.  Huge pet peeve.  In the end we did opt to go, and am I ever glad we did!  They had on their menu an anniversary special.  $32 for 5 courses.  OMG OMG OMG! That is the steal of a lifetime!  The menu was worth at least $60 a person!  Our server was amazing, perfect for our date.  In the end I opted for a foie gras course, and swapped in a turkey dinner as my main meal(!!) Eek!! I got my turkey dinner!  Shane had steak, which he nearly had a heart attack over it was so good.  We drank wine and ate ourselves silly.  I was so full I could barely move. It was a great night.

A server took our picture at the Fairmont.

The next morning I woke up with such a sore throat.  I knew I was sick.  We plodded on, got dressed and headed into the very cold and quiet streets.  We took some dorky jumping pictures, (fail!) not even one turned out.  And then went straight to breakfast at the Fairmont hotel.  Now, we were gifted a stay at the Fairmont a few years ago, which included a breakfast buffet.  Since then I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it.  It was the most incredible breakfast buffet of my life.  Everything and anything you could want for breakfast they have, and of impeccable quality.  We tried to pace ourselves, but even so we didn’t eat very much, we were just too damn full.  It’s a very expensive breakfast, it came to $75 with a tip) but it’s wonderful nonetheless.  We knew we were treating ourselves, so we were okay with it.


My goal for the day was to get a picture to use on our Christmas card.  We posed on the rocks in the morning still golden light, and I prayed that one of them worked (2 did!).  We walked back to the hotel and checked out.  By the way, the Summit Lodge is a very nice place to rest your head.  We stayed in a well appointed room equipped with a kitchen, and a king sized bed (best part of staying at a hotel).  They had great coffees down the lobby that we didn’t take advantage of, and let you borrow bikes for free.  Best of all, our room faced a wall of trees from the small park behind it.  I loved that.

This was the best picture of the bunch. Clearly we are not very graceful. And need to practice jumping together.

We did more shopping, this time for gloves, since I lost mine on the hill last year (for the half day I went out).  And also a toque.  In the end after much more deliberation (I did not want to spend money on gloves) I bought a very nice pair for $40, which was a major sale.  I also found what must have been the only toque in Whistler not on sale.  (The one I got was white, pink and purple)  But I loved it so much I just had to have it.  It cost more than the gloves did!  I’ve worn it for two days already and I know I’ll thoroughly love it this year, so I’m glad we bought it.

Me, in front of Rocky Mountain, possibly my favourite store in Whistler

We bought some fudge (which we somehow lost before eating it) and slowly made our way to the car to go home.  It took us three hours to drive home and my cold was barrelling full steam ahead, so I wasn’t a very happy camper.  Shane wasn’t feeling well either, so the two of us were quite a pair.  In the end it was a wonderful getaway.  We had so much fun together, and some great conversation.  I really loved spending time in Whistler (I think it’s one of my happy places) and I can’t wait to get back there for snowboarding this winter.  That. will. be. epic. er.

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  1. Michelle Geerts
    October 23, 2013 at 6:40 pm (4 years ago)

    I love that you were so stressed out about buying a jacket! Lol your husband had to go to great lengths to get you to buy it and you were still so reluctant! I can see it playing out, too funny. Thanks for sharing.


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