Tough Mudder – Whistler 2014

IMG_4198It was my crazy idea to sign up for Tough Mudder a few months ago.  It was a thrilling prospect and something that has been sitting on my bucket list ever since I first heard about it.  Since becoming parents is something Shane and I would like to do in our near future, and because we are planning on moving far far away from Whistler or Drumheller (the other location in western Canada), I figured it was now or never.  I roped the three of them into it and we started training.  That lasted all of a month and we for one reason or another stopped. (I’m lazy)  IMG_4196Turn the clock a few months ahead and here we were, waiting for in line to start what was probably the craziest thing any of us had ever done.  (We waited for an hour and a half in line to start btw.)  The course was hard but really fun.  The distance was long (oh so long), and not a second too short.  There we were, jumping over 12 foot walls, swimming in (literally) ice cold water, hauling logs on our shoulders and wading through waist deep mud.  It was a blast! Go! Go Sloths Go!  We were so tired and muddy by the end of it, it was truly insane.IMG_4203Because it was my idea it seems fitting that the very last obstacle, shock therapy, would be the worst for me.  Shane (who was most worried about it) managed without one shock.  Tash and Mom both made it through with two.  But I got nailed jumping over a mud bank and fell into the mud (hard, I might add).  Natasha (thank god) pulled me by the arm and yelled for me to keep moving as I struggled up.  Zap! Zap!  Two more shocks hit me as I ran.  I felt them leave through my legs into the water we were standing in.  I was thiiiiiiiis close to tears when we came out the other end into cheers and celebration.  They were so pumped and pleased, I was so pained.  We got our headbands and a beer was stuck in my hand.  Deep breaths and it was all okay (once I stopped feeling a current ripple through my body).  IMG_4204We had done it!  100% underprepared!  I don’t know how we managed it, but I always knew we would.  I mean, who pays for that kind of torture?!  But we’re all hooked and already talking about next year, it was too amazing.  We joked the entire nearly five hours that the only we had going for us was teamwork (Strength? NO! Endurance? NO! Teamwork? Yes!), and we made darn sure we did that right.  Having our team was incredible and I’m so stoked for us that we did it!IMG_6895That beer at the end was sweet, but the pizza we are for dinner was pure bliss.  Some of us were very sunburnt (we’ve all got marker paint sunburnt into our face and mom even has her number sunburnt onto her!), and all of us were very sore.  We showered at the cabin we rented and went into Whistler Village for Avalanche Pizza and beer.  Beer I might add, that we were too tired to drink!  I’m so happy we did this.

2 Comments on Tough Mudder – Whistler 2014

  1. Michelle Geerts
    June 22, 2014 at 6:59 pm (4 years ago)

    Seriously epic!! Who does that shit?! We do! I loved the challenge and having to face my biggest fears 21 times in 4 1/2 hours! I laugh when I think about it, but then my abs hurt….

  2. Mamma H.
    June 26, 2014 at 11:22 am (4 years ago)

    What a wonderful way to experience one of your bucket list items. Congratulations to all four of you for sticking together and getting it done!


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