11 Weeks

(Hi Guys, I wrote these posts before we announced the pregnancy.  I want to remember these weeks in the future, so I’m posting them late.  This one would have been posted September 16)IMG_7443

How far along? 11 Weeks!  We’re getting closer to announcing, and I seriously can’t wait to share our joy with everyone!

Total weight gain: I’m down .5lb from last week!  I know I shouldn’t worry about things like weight, but I am technically overweight for my height and because of that my total weight gain should be smaller than it would have been.  I’ve read that a good amount of weight to gain in the first trimester is 4.5 pounds and I’m already at 6.  Beside all that I feel like a total whale, and it sucks to look at myself and see that.  At some point I’ll stop worrying, probably when I’ve got an actual belly, not just tonnes of bloat.  I really didn’t know that bloat was this serious of a symptom when I got pregnant. On the weekend I was so uncomfortable and massively bloated I thought I might explode.  I just laid on the couch trying not to move because nothing felt good.

Baby is the size of: A lime!  Oh my gosh!!

Gender Guess: We’re calling her a girl for now.  I feel like it’s a she, and all those silly gender predictor quizzes say girl.  So that’s what we’re going with!

Maternity clothes? I wish!  Shane is in Vancouver now and I’ve told him the specific maternity pants I want from Old Navy.  They don’t even list their maternity products online, let along ship them, so I’m praying he can find them!  The only pants that fit comfortable right now are yoga pants and sweatpants.  I wish I was going too, because I want to see the products and try them on before I buy them.  H&M has the cutest maternity wear on their website, I’d buy all of it.

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep: Horrible.  I’m waking up all the time.  Like 5-6 times a night.  Sometimes I’ve had a bad dream, sometimes I have to pee, a lot of the time I wake up because I’m nauseous/starving (always together), and sometimes I’m just uncomfortable.  I’m sleeping for 9-10 hours a night, but it’s very broken.

Best moment this week: We told Shane’s brother Chris & Eva on skype the other day.  We’ve been waiting to tell them FOR-E-VER, so it was great to finally spill the beans.

Miss Anything? Tea.  I can’t stomach anything but a regular black tea right now, and then only occasionally.  It must be the acidity or something, but I just can’t do it.  It’s always so cold here though, that it would be awesome to wrap my fingers around a mug.

Food cravings: Mustard!  I’ve been eating it like nobody’s business.  I love mustard anyways, but really, I made a mustard dip for pretzels!

Movement: No, but I’ve got to start paying more attention.  Some women say they start to feel them around 11-12 weeks, and lordy knows that baby girl is moving around a lot!  We saw her!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Gosh, everything all day long.  Tea for sure, but anything too sweet or cold, greasy, green or grain-like.  Basically everything besides carbs.

Symptoms: Oh my, I feel like a whiner here, but you asked!  Sore back, sore neck, extreme fatigue, all day/night nausea, vomiting, massive boobs (TMI!), shortness of breathe and bloating.  I think the peak week for nausea most women find is weeks 10-11, so hopefully we’re almost there.

Looking forward to: Telling my grandparents and Dad!  We want to let them know the good news over the phone, rather than find out through the blog.  We’re hoping to make those calls on Friday, after Shane gets back from Vancouver and then post the news either that night or Saturday morning.  I can’t wait!!

Items Purchased: We finally received a book I had ordered (to bump us up to free shipping) called How to Catch a Star, which is adorable!  Shane read it to baby the other night, it’s one of my favourite things ever to read to her.

Hormone-Induced Titty Tantrums: Okay, a few.  Shane’s leaving this week has made me ball my eyes out for no good reason a few times this week.  Rationally I know it doesn’t make any sense, nor is it worth it.  But my hormones aren’t rational.  Also, on our road trip to Muncho Lake this weekend I was really irritated because of my horrible nausea AND car sickness.  The dog got most of that one, but really, WHY DOES HE SMELL SO BAD?!?!

Workouts: I went for two good walks this week, and biked to the store twice, but I’ve been so exhausted that going out and putting on tight jeans seems like torture.

Number of Weird Dreams: About two per night, so 14.  Last night I was buying baby stuff in the world’s largest ever Walmart.  Seriously, we needed golf carts to get us around.  A few nights ago I dreamt that at an ultrasound and the doctor told me the baby was dead.  “Dead?!  No way, it can’t be!!” I was crying.  “Well it is” he replied sarcastically.  Pointing to the picture he said “Look, it looks like a dead chicken”  It had the profile side profile of Chicken Little’s head in an ultrasound, but dead.  That doctor was so rude.

The picture at the top was taken on Sunday, when my tummy was HUGE and the picture at the bottom was taken today (Tuesday) when my tummy was back to it’s regular amount of bloat.  Wow, right?


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  1. Carolynn
    September 20, 2014 at 9:15 am (3 years ago)

    Awww!!! Congratulations!! I’m soo excited for you guys!! Enjoy all the new experiences coming your way 😉

  2. Michelle Geerts
    September 23, 2014 at 9:21 pm (3 years ago)

    Lmao!! Those dreams are so vivid! That doctor WAS rude! But seriously I hope you don’t have anymore like that.


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