September 22

IMG_7595IMG_7594I want to start be saying how relieved I am that my big secret (biggest ever) is out in the open! We’ve known for so long that it seemed the day to share would never come.  We found out so early in fact, that when we went to the doctors to confirm the pregnancy the test came back negative!  We had to go back in a few days later when we finally got the official green light.  It was such a blast to share the news and see so many people as happy for us as we are.  I do think we picked one of the hardest communities in BC to give birth in, but that is a whole other blog post.  Thanks again everyone!IMG_0453IMG_0456My friends here have been so awesome to me.  While Shane was gone someone saw me everyday.  Now I don’t think this effort was coordinated, but I appreciate it so much all the same.  This weekend my friend Alonni and I saw a lot of each other.  After she ran her first half marathon (yay Alonni!), the two of us went to the Qwest Community Festival where we chowed down on free BBQ and waited in line for a free helicopter ride!!  (Qwest is a helicopter company)  Now, riding in a helicopter has been on my bucketlist since the beginning of time and while it wasn’t Las Vegas at night over the strip, it was still pretty cool.  They did roughly 10 minute tours, taking us around our little town.  It was very cramped and extremely noisy (it’s a good thing baby can’t hear yet!), but I had a silly grin on my face the entire time.IMG_0470Speaking of bucketlists, I saw the northern lights the other night!!!!   Alonni texted me they were out (we have a system where if ANYONE sees them they must text around immediately.  And if it’s after 10pm, we need a phone call because we’re probably sleeping.  We’ve missed a few that way) and I raced outside to see.  Even with the copious amounts of unnatural light around us I could see them so clearly.  They were green with a little bit of pink popping up here and there.  I thought they’d be slow and steady, instead they danced and jumped and raced through the sky.  It was an intense and inspiring display.  They stretched from north to south, covering the entire sky.  I watched until my feet were too cold to stand on the pavement any longer.  The pictures on my phone don’t show anything, but my friend Ryan took a picture down at the river, you can see it here.IMG_7587IMG_0472Alonni and I also spent part of our Sunday participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  The river we were at was actually remarkably clean!  I was impressed.  I guess a few groups have been out cleaning it up this summer, so it was in good shape.  We still managed to fill at giant black bag though.  There was so much toilet paper.  It was revolting.  People who leave garbage at their fires…grrr.  It’s something I would have chickened out of doing if Alonni hadn’t prompted me, so I’m glad we made the effort.  Sunday evening we had our group over for dinner.  I made enchiladas, Alonni brought an incredible salad and Nicole brought sex-in-a-pan for dessert.  It was a feast.  I couldn’t find enchilada sauce in town, so I just made my own.  It was equally as delicious as what you’d find in a can and it cost the amount of a can of tomato sauce.  Now I can never go back!IMG_7602Shane was in Vancouver for four day this past week, and I wrote him a little list of the things I wanted.  Maternity pants! were my favourite thing he brought back.  I’m so extremely thankful that I finally have them.  It was torture in my jeans, and these fit so nicely.  It’s like wearing your favourite pair of socks, it just fits.  He also brought me Purdy’s!!  Those Himalayan Pink Salt Peanut Butter Candies are freakin’ delicious.  He knows me so well!  Also, he surprised me with a mug from David’s!  It’s adorable and fall-y and has racoons on it!! I love it.

The sunrises the past few days have been awesome.  Here you can see two of them. IMG_0473IMG_7606

2 Comments on September 22

  1. Michelle Geerts
    September 22, 2014 at 4:24 pm (3 years ago)

    Those northern lights are amazing as are the sunrise pics! I’m so happy for you that you have already made friends. That is the scariest part of moving for me.
    YAY for maternity pants and not being squeezed into sausage casing!

  2. Momma H.
    September 23, 2014 at 9:32 pm (3 years ago)

    I agree with your mom, the pictures of the northern light and the sunrises are amazing.
    Also glad that you have some friends to hang out with.


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