15 Weeks!

IMG_8033How far along? 15 weeks

Total weight gain: 11 pounds total, up 3 from last week.  I’m going to blame the pizza we ate last night for this one.  But, ouch!  I do look obviously pregnant to myself, it seems like my belly gets a little bigger every day.  Maybe not so much to other people.

Baby is the size of: Navel Orange, or an avocado which I think is cuter.  Baby is 4 inches!

Gender Guess: Girl. I booked our ultrasound for November 14th, so we’ll know then for sure.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new.  I’m just wearing all my loosest, baggiest clothes.  I’ll pick up a few pieces shopping this week.  – I wrote that, and then I went to my drawer to look for a comfy pair of pants (that was warm) and in the depths of my drawer I found a never been opened pair of maternity yoga pants!  Score!!  I bought them before we moved here and totally forgot about them.  I was scared that I wouldn’t have a pair of pants to wear at one point.  (this point, I’ve been wearing mainly pajama pants and sweatpants)

Stretch marks? Not yet.

Sleep: Hit and miss on the good sleep department.  I’m sleeping about 8.5 hours a night, but sometimes it is very broken.

Best moment this week: Buying our new truck!  It’s such a blast to drive, and I just keep picturing a carseat in the back.  How surreal will that be?

Miss Anything? Not feeling sick all the time.  It’s really starting to wear on me.  I wish this part would pass.

Food cravings: Still loving my cheese.  Yesterday and today I’ve been craving a cheeseburger.  Hot wings!  Such a weird thing to want.

Movement: No, and this question makes me impatient.  I can feel my uterus though, and when I roll onto my stomach it feels like I’m lying on a little flat balloon (think small inflated whoopee cushion), it’s quite exciting.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Life.  (Dramatic?)  From my very first pee break around 3 in the morning until sometime around noon I’m so nauseated.  I can’t even consider anything non starchy to eat.  That’s why I’ve gained way too much weight so far.  Sometimes a slice of toast helps, or a bowl of cereal.  Everyday I try to get the feeling I’m going to be sick to leave, so I eat carbs.  Fruit in the morning would put me in the toilet for sure.

Symptoms: So much nausea this week.  Excessive thirst.  Maybe this terrible nausea is like a last hurrah and it’s going to disappear??  The chloasma is taking over my body.  It makes my skin leathery and dry and so ugly.  It’s growing in size day by day.

Looking forward to: We’re going to visit Natasha and Dylan in Prince George this week and I’m so darn excited!  There is a Target, and a Michael’s, and a Costco and a Davids Tea and an Old Navy for maternity clothes (the whole teeny tiny corner they give it)!!  And seeing Natasha, and another Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s all very exciting.

Items Purchased: I bought the baby a three month old pajama.  It’s adorable, covered with circus animals.  I can see it on a boy or a girl.

Hormone-Induced Titty Tantrums: One freakout got me a new kitchen aid!  (I’ve actually been freaking out at this thing for over a year, so it’s about time all my belly aching got me somewhere.)  But gosh, I’ve been so moody.  I cry for no reason all the time, it’s pathetic really.  I feel terrible for Shane.  Luckily for him he is always working, so he doesn’t see too much of it.

Workouts: I went for 2 or 3 long walks and 1-750 metre swim.

Number of Weird Dreams: Not quite so many this week, thank goodness. IMG_8013 IMG_8057

4 Comments on 15 Weeks!

  1. Natasha
    October 11, 2014 at 4:24 pm (3 years ago)

    I just love that picture of Butter licking your baby belly!

    • Alyssa
      October 11, 2014 at 4:40 pm (3 years ago)

      We put peanut butter on it so he’d stay and may attention to it. It was very tickly

  2. Momma H
    October 12, 2014 at 9:03 pm (3 years ago)

    I love It! Butter giving kisses to his little baby brother or sister.


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