IMG_8812How far along? 20 WEEKS!  I MADE IT HALF WAY!!  When I first found out I was pregnant I just couldn’t imagine making it half way, it felt so incredibly far away.  Now, I’m here!

Total weight gain: I’m down a pound and a half this week.  Can you believe it?  I sure can’t.  I checked it three times to make sure.  I’m up 11.5 lbs total.

Baby is the size of: They say baby is the size of a small cantaloupe and I’ve also seen endive.  Clearly we’re only talking length!  Baby is 6 1/2 inches head to bum, which is how baby’s been measured this far.  Now that we’re at 20 weeks they start including the legs in the measurement, so baby is 10 inches and 10oz as well!

Gender Guess: Can’t tell, because we’ve found out!

Maternity clothes? I need some!  My shirts really aren’t fitting.  They’re too short for my belly.  And I’m down to one pair of pants.  The hair elastic trick for my regular pants isn’t working anymore, my pants keep coming down because they’re too tight.  Maternity shopping this week!

Stretch marks? To be honest I try not to study my skin, because I’d be unhappy if I noticed stretch marks on top of my ugly brown and dry skin.  But I did notice in the pictures today that I’ve got a few on my love handles that are getting more noticeable.  (I photoshopped those out for your eyes)

Sleep: Waking up at least once a night for a pee and to eat my bowl of cereal.babyscanBest moment this week: Seeing our little peanut on the screen!  (Not such a peanut any more!)  Baby was moving so much again.  It’s an active baby for sure!  The technician had a hard time with some measurements because baby had it’s head down in my pelvis and didn’t want to move!  Finding out the sex of baby was surreal!  We’ve told two people so far what the baby is and it was so exciting both times.  So happy we’ve gotten to share.  I’ll be posting on the internet for everyone to know next Saturday.

Miss Anything? Nothing right now, I’m feeling very content.

Food cravings: No real cravings.  Shane thinks cereal is something particular for me, and it’s true, I’ve never really eaten it outside of pregnancy.  But I eat it every night because it’s easier than making toast or defrosting a muffin when I’m groggy and starving.  It’s also delicious.

Movement: So much.  Shane has been feeling baby kick too.  I honestly can’t get enough.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Tea 🙁  Coffee 🙁

Symptoms: A little nausea some mornings (so so much better than it used to be), I get achy a lot faster than I used to.  But generally I’m feeling like myself.  Oh, I can’t really move around that easily in bed.  It’s been getting more and more difficult to turn over.

Looking forward to: Seeing my family this week!  Honestly, I can NOT WAIT!  I leave on Wednesday and I’m so so so so so excited.  I’ve got a gender reveal surprise planned for the evening I land.   I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I’ve seen anyone at home.

Items Purchased: Hmmmm, nothing this week.  I really had to think about that.  We were so busy painting and decorating I didn’t give it much thought.  Also, I think I’ll buy for baby this week when I’m around real stores, not just the internet.

Hormone-Induced Titty Tantrums: I don’t like this question… 😛

Workouts: Does painting the entire upstairs count?  I think it does.  It was a lot of physical work.

Number of Weird Dreams: I’ve been killed or almost killed in like three dreams this week.  IMG_8837

2 Comments on 20 WEEKS!

  1. Michelle Geerts
    November 15, 2014 at 6:50 pm (3 years ago)

    Grow baby bump grow!!! Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

  2. Momma H
    November 20, 2014 at 12:37 am (3 years ago)

    So excited for you both. Can’t wait to see baby H. Can’t wait to see the three of you together. <3


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