21 Weeks

IMG_0812How far along? 21 weeks.

Total weight gain: I’m not going to weigh myself this week because I don’t trust that my mom’s scale is the same as mine and I don’t want any inflated or deflated numbers.

Baby is the size of: a large carrot.  She grew a 1/2 inch this week alone!

Gender Guess:  It’s a girl!  No more guessing!  You can read about how we found out here.

Maternity clothes? Yes, all maternity all the time.  I bought a whole new (small) wardrobe this past week and my clothes finally feel amazing.  It’s so much easier to feel confident about my bump when my clothes flatter me.

Stretch marks? Same as last week.  Not that I’m noticing.

Sleep: Not great.  I’ve been waking up a lot the past few nights with pain from my belly.  Every time I turn in my sleep it wakes me because it just hurts so much.  Hopefully it disappears as quickly as it came, because it makes me dread sleep just a bit.

Best moment this week: Telling my family the sex of our baby!  It was such fun to reveal the news!  I ordered cupcakes with pink frosting inside that my mom picked up for me on her way to the airport.  When we got home I had my family each bite into one, when they did they could see the frosting was pink and knew it was a girl.  Because I’ve been saying it was a girl the entire time no one was really shocked, but I’m glad for it.  I also loved buying her (and receiving) all sorts of little itty-bitty girl clothes.

Miss Anything? Nope.

Food cravings: Nothing really bad.  I’m eating pretty much everything this week, which is nice.

Movement: So much.  My family has been feeling her too!  It’s so fun to watch their faces when she kicks them.  She’s a real mover!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, luckily not this week.

Symptoms: That really sore belly at night, which is no fun.  But other than that nothing.  I get tired more quickly, but I’m okay with that.

Looking forward to: Nothing!  I’m right where I want to be.  I’ve got plenty of fun things planned before I go home Wednesday.

Items Purchased: Oh. my. gosh.  What didn’t we buy?  I don’t think she’ll need ANY newborn or 0-3 month onsies.  We’ve got at least 10.  I also got a crib sheet that’s super cute and two pairs of tiny cute socks.

Hormone-Induced Titty Tantrums: None at all.

Workouts: I went for one longer walk in the snow this week, but boy oh boy it was a lot of work.

Number of Weird Dreams: Way too many.  Because I’ve been waking up so much at night I seem to remember having a lot.IMG_0817

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