22 Weeks

IMG_9019How far along? 22 weeks.  I love that there are less weeks coming than I’ve been through!  Only 18 more!

Total weight gain: I wish I knew.  I weighed myself today and every time I stepped on the scale it went up 1 or 2 pounds.  I tried changing the batteries but the same thing happened.  I don’t even want to speculate a guess.  I feel fine, that’s enough for now.

Baby is the size of: A corn on the cob, lol.  She weighs a full pound (!!!) and is 11 inches long.

Gender: It’s a girl! And her name is Hazel. 

Maternity clothes? Yes, all the maternity clothes all the time.  Yesterday evening we went to Shane’s staff Christmas dinner and I wore a non-maternity dress, which was kinda tight around the lungs, but still fit anyway.  But it was -30 outside and my legs were bare.  So cold. (This is her room, and we’re working on painting it, so nevermind how bad it looks)IMG_0938Stretch marks? Not looking, not looking!

Sleep: Better this week.  The random pain keeping me up at night has subsided for now.  But I probably just jinxed myself.  Getting out of bed I must look like a hippo.  I can’t just sit up, so I kind of push myself out while rolling until my feet hit the floor.  Shane says it’s cute, I say it’s not.  (and it’s uncomfortable!)  We have officially switched sides of the bed.  For the past 7 years we’ve fallen asleep on our right side, but it’s just not comfortable any longer, so left it is.  Which sucks, because I finally got the artwork hung above our night stands.

Best moment this week: Seeing Shane after a week away.  I wasn’t that happy to be home, but I sure did miss him.

Miss Anything? Not feeling so itchy all the time.  My skin on my chest, stomach and back is uncontrollably itchy and feels like it has pins in it whenever there is pressure.  I lotion 3-5 times a day, but it doesn’t make it go away.  (It does help keep it down though).  I wish I could have my pre-pregnancy skin back where I wasn’t so uncomfortable all the time.

Food cravings: No cravings.  I’ve been feeling nauseated in the mornings all week.  Driving to the airport and getting on the plane was awful, I felt so sick.

Movement: Her kicks, punches and rolls are getting stronger and stronger.  I think she’s getting bigger inside the uterus, so I can feel her more.  I can also feel her move in my pelvis a bit, which is a sure sign she is getting bigger.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Mornings.  I’ve told you I’m starving every night in the early hours of the morning, but starving doesn’t begin to describe the feeling.  I’d never felt this sensation before I got pregnant, it’s hunger but with aggression.  I takes over my whole upper body.  It makes me not want to move and pray it goes away.  I can feel it in my arms.  It’s not just a growling stomach.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but it hurts.  So I run to the kitchen and have a bowl of cereal.  In the morning when I’m awake for good I need to have food before I do anything else.  Shane was home in the morning the past two days and made me breakfast sandwiches within twenty minutes and brought them to me.  This is the best possible scenario.  I didn’t have to get up to do anything and felt so much better with food in my belly.  It’s crazy, this hunger.

Symptoms: Nausea, itchy skin, my belly button is getting wider.

Looking forward to: Painting her room!  And decorating for Christmas, both should happen in the coming week.  I feel like this post might come off a bit complain-y and I don’t mean it to be, I’m just trying to put it all out there.  I am so happy everyday to be so close to our baby!  I am very happy to be pregnant!  I can not wait to meet her, hold her and love her even more.

Items Purchased: I brought back half my carry-on suitcase full of clothes just for her!  She’s got a few outfits in every size.  Right up to 12 months!  That’s right, I bought my baby clothes that she won’t be able to wear for another 16 months.

Workouts: Um, no.

Number of Weird Dreams: Not too many this week, obviously I’ve been sleeping better! IMG_9048

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  1. Michelle Geerts
    December 1, 2014 at 6:03 pm (3 years ago)

    I just love that red top. I’m so glad you have comfy and pretty clothes to wear. Thanks for the bump pics!!


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