24 Weeks

IMG_9564How far along? 24 Weeks!  Even though I find pregnancy “months” completely baffling I do believe this puts me at 6 “months”  But then I’ve seen other calendars that put me at 6.5 months now. Geeze, I guess what I’m really excited about is being 4 weeks away from the third trimester!

Total weight gain: Still don’t have a scale that works.  I can’t actually see myself buying another one either.  But if I take the first reading I got today (which was also the lowest one, but I figure I couldn’t stand on it and have it take off weight right?) then I’m up 16.5lbs.  Which is on track, yay!

Baby is the size of: 12.5 inches and 1lb4oz.  She is as big as an ear of corn or a foot long sandwich from subway! HAHA!

Gender: It’s a girl! (still)

Maternity clothes? Forever and always.  I was looking at my closet today and wanting to wear something colourful, but apparently I only buy clothes in black, grey and blue, so that kinda blew.  I decided on one of Shane’s plaid shirts and a pair of leggings which is only sort of flattering.

Stretch marks? I don’t think so, but I’ve got leopard print skin going on, so that is sexy right?

Sleep: I actually dread going to sleep.  I lie awake for what feels like forever, usually with some pain in my chest and back.  And when I finally fall asleep I wake up usually 1 or 2 times to pee and eat.  Then I try to fall asleep with heartburn.  I can’t turn very well at all.  I’ve been using the headboard like one of the repositioning bars some of my patients used to have dangling over their beds (the ones that could still get themselves up, but with help).  And now Shane has decided his feet belong on my side of the bed. (lol!)  I’m running out of room for this gigantic body.  But I do sleep 8-10 hours ever night, so clearly I’m needing my sleep.

Best moment this week: Watching my belly move on it’s own accord!  It’s such a trip to see it moving around.  While I haven’t spotted her turning or anything her kicks are definitely visible on the outside.

Miss Anything? Getting out of bed/moving around in bed with any sort of grace.  Shane actually laughs at me when he see it.  I do imagine it looks quite funny.

Food cravings: Sweets.  But it’s that time of year, so that goes without saying.  Also, Shane and I recently received our Treatbox, and because of an error on their end got upgraded to the $50 box.  That is $50 worth of candy.  It’s becoming a problem.  Also, I’ve been eating and craving a lot more eggs.

Movement: Like I said, I can see her kicks from the outside.  She still loves to come out kicking whenever I lie down.  She’s also been kicking my lady parts a lot more, which I’d prefer she didn’t.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Mornings.  I wake up sick with hunger, eat something small and then lie on the couch for a few hours dealing with the nausea.  I also have been getting more nausea after dinner.  So fun.

Symptoms: Crazy heartburn, that no tums can calm.  General soreness, aching feet even just after an hour.  Nausea, all the time.

Looking forward to: Well I’ll tell you I’m NOT looking forward to my glucose test!  I’m supposed to go in on the 17th and every just keeps telling me how awful it is.  Fingers crossed I pass.  I am looking forward to making cake for my birthday tomorrow and going out to dinner with Shane.  We found a big stash of white paint hiding in the basement, so we’ve decided to do a coat of white in the nursery, so we can hopefully get by with just one coat of the colour we choose for her room.  We’re going to start that on Monday or Tuesday.

Items Purchased: We didn’t purchase anything, but I did receive Hazel’s first receiving blanket.  I’ve been having a decidedly bad week so I was very touched when I received a surprise package from my Aunt with a blanket she had sewn and a note saying that she was thinking of me.  I have such good people in my life.  Truly.

Workouts: NOPE

Number of Weird Dreams: I had a bad dream the other night that I had to paint someone’s toenails.  It was a punishment for some reason and I was in a salon but I had NO idea what I was doing.  I just remember saying to the women “nope, I have no idea what I’m doing, they brought me right in off the street.”  IMG_9678

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  1. Michelle Geerts
    December 13, 2014 at 6:34 pm (3 years ago)

    Hahaha well as per our last pedi experience. I would say painting someone’s toes IS a punishment!


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