39 Weeks


How far along? 39 weeks, I honestly can’t believe this.  I can’t stay pregnant forever right?  I know I say this all the time, but this felt so impossibly far away for well…my entire pregnancy, including last last week.  40 weeks seems like an eternity, but I’m pretty focused on enjoying every day, because I realize any of them it could be my last.  Even though I have no signs that labour is imminent I feel like this is it.  These are my last few days.  I haven’t made any plans past Tuesday.  And Tuesday’s plans include a stretch and sweep, ha!

Total weight gain: I forgot to check this again today, but when I finally remembered to weigh myself this week I officially saw the number on the scale I’d be trying so hard to stay away from.  Yikes!!  Half a week ago I was up 43lbs.
Baby Size: She’s the same size as last week, just a bit heavier.
Sleep: I think it took Shane and I a few days to figure out how to share a bed again.  We were up and down and awake a. lot. for the first few nights.  It didn’t help that Shane was sick with a bad cold, but between peeing all the time, waking up because I was so hungry and the pain my belly put me in, sleep was hard to come by.
Best moment this week: Finally seeing Shane again!  He even managed to surprise me by showing up a few hours early.  We also had a really nice time driving to different appointments on Thursday, which we capped off with a stop for Mink chocolate and dinner at Vikram Vij’s new restaurant.  
Miss Anything: Here is where I do the general end of pregnancy uncomfortable complaint.  Wow, so much discomfort all the time.  I can NOT wait to move around freely again!  And put on my socks without massive effort, and flip over in bed without it being a 7 point turn.  And breathe a full breath.  But I’ll miss her always moving when it’s gone, so I try to remember this (even though her movements are starting to HURT.)
Food cravings: Everyone has been giving me whatever I mention I’m craving, so I have to be careful that I don’t say too much, lol!  I’ve been eating as many dates as possible and scarfing pineapple, so I feel like I’m always eating.  My appetite is also way way lower than usual.  And my stomach is tiny.  I thought that towards the end of my pregnancy I’d just want all the sweets and bad food all the time, but the opposite has happened, I mostly want healthy foods!  Which might have something to do with that 43 lb weight gain.
Movement: Like I mentioned, her kicks are getting strong and they hurt.  She is such a wiggle worm.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I’m getting quite a bit of nausea throughout the day. Booooo!  Seriously looking forward to this symptom going away, I almost don’t remember not feeling sick at some point during the day.
Symptoms: Crazy strong Braxton-hicks, loss of appetite, sore back (from the contractions), really sore pelvis, swollen feet and ankles, poor sleep.Looking forward to: Her arrival.  Any day now baby girl!

Items Purchased: I bought a breast pump this week.  It was something I went back and forth about for months.  I don’t need one.  I’m not planning on leaving her.  Feeding her is a job I want to do, and I don’t particularly want to share.  But this way Shane can feed her, which is something he wants to do, I can go on a date with him and leave her for a few hours.  It might make the trip back a lot easier if we don’t have to stop to nurse every two hours. (Though I don’t know if we’ll have introduced the bottle by then, I really have no idea how this will go.)  I am dreading using it.  I feel like a cow just thinking about it.  But I figure it can’t hurt to have, and if I might buy one next time, then I should have just invested this time.  Anyway, I bought it used for $75, so it’s not the end of the world.

The other thing we bought this week was a new stroller/car seat combo.  Here is how the saga goes:  I found a good deal on a great stroller/car seat combo at Target on a Black Friday sale back in November.  My mother-in-law graciously offered to pay for it, so we bought it.  My mom picked it up across the line in Sumas and brought it home.  I set it up about two weeks ago when I got here and loved it!  We paid $279 USD (including tax and shipping) for it and $40 in duty to get it home.  Fast forward to Wednesday when Shane and I were reading the hospital pamphlet on bring our baby home when we came across a picture of a sticker that our car seat had to have on it.  All of the sudden it occurred to both of us that our American-purchased car seat wasn’t going to have a Transport CANADA approved sticker on it.  But we couldn’t bring her home without one.  And so began the drama.  It turns out that if you are caught without an appropriate car seat they can (and will) confiscate the seat and give you a $180 fine.

What really grinds my gears is that bringing the car seat across the boarder and paying DUTY on it, those boarder guards knew what we were doing (even though we didn’t) and didn’t mention that it wasn’t legal to use!  So they took our $40 in duty and said nothing.  We called Target and they wouldn’t do a thing for us, because it was past the 90 day return policy.  We called Graco and were told that it was our fault for not looking at the standards before purchasing.  Then we told my mother in law and she proceeded to spend two days talking to Target and Graco on the phone fighting to return it.  Target was useless, but Graco did finally agree to take back the stroller/car seat and give us our money back.  So Shane and I went to see what our options were for a stroller/car seat in Canada.  Turns out that in our price range (not one of those high end expensive strollers) and with our list of requirements (jogging stroller, no hard plastic wheels), there was only this exact car seat/stroller combo, but the certified in Canada version.  So we bought the EXACT SAME ONE, but paid $547 CAD with taxes.

Now, since I’ve put together both of these strollers I can tell you that the differences are VERY minimal.  The biggest difference is the 5-point harness in the Canadian version versus the 3-point in the American.  The cloth that is used in the American version is nicer in my opinion and the Canadian stroller has a button to push before you can use the “one handed folding system”.  That is it.  Everything else is the exact same.  But double the price.  Actually double.  For the same thing.  But yay, we can bring her home.  I’m glad that is over, so my blood pressure is back to normal.  Except when I think about it, ha!

Workouts: I got a few walks in this week, and even went swimming for half an hour the other day.  (Pools during spring break = bad idea.)

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  1. Wendy
    April 2, 2015 at 2:19 am (3 years ago)

    So excited for you guys!!!


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