The tale of the $4000 cookies.

IMG_4455 I just checked, and this is my 1002 post.  Holy mackerel, that’s kinda crazy!

First things first.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  Are you as shocked as I am?  We totally weren’t even looking to buy until next spring, but I noticed a little house down the street had a new for sale sign up.  I checked the listing a few days later and was shocked when I saw the price.  It was perfect for us.  I texted our realtor and asked to see it, still not thinking much of it.  It was the first house we’d ever viewed.  We got a showing for the next morning, because Shane was going back to work.  I fell in love with it right away.  It is fixed up beautifully.  I mean, CHECK OUT THE KITCHEN!  Shane was very leery of the wood foundation, but our realtor gave him a tonne of good information.  We knew the house was underpriced, we knew we’d have to make a decision fast.  A few hours and much hand wringing later we were signing the papers on our first offer.  WE BOUGHT THE FIRST HOUSE WE’D EVER LOOKED AT.  It was one of the situations where on opportunity is thrown at you and you just have to react.  I’m so glad we did.

Later that evening our realtor texted us that there was another offer being presented the following morning.  We were the only two showings that had seen the house because the seller wasn’t allowing many, they were still working on a few projects.  We hummed and hawed about increasing our offer.  We didn’t want to lose the house over one or two thousand dollars, so we upped our offer to 268 000 (from 264 900) and went to bed.  Shane worked the next morning, so our realtor drove out to his plant to get his signature, they talked some more and decided to go with the price 268 900 and the promise that I would bake cookies.  That was actually written into the contract.  Half an hour after both offers were presented I got a call from our realtor “break out the butter and sugar, you guys got the house!”  Obviously we were elated!  Better yet, the seller “liked our approach” so much that she took our first lower offer of 264 900.  Obviously I baked like mad and brought a whole bunch of cookies over that night.  My $4000 cookies!

The seller was flabergasted that I actually made them cookies, and was so sweet and happy to meet me.  She told us to come over whenever we wanted to look around, or measure whatever we needed.

The conditions on our contract need to be met by July 15 and our closing date is August 19th.  We get the keys on the 20th, I can’t wait!  I feel like such an adult.  A year ago I could never have imagined having a baby and buying a house within 365 days, but sometimes life just works like that.

There was a lot more that went into getting out of our one year lease that doesn’t expire until next May, but nevermind with that.  It’s all done now.

The listing should be up for a little while longer, so go check out what we bought!

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