Winter Vacation – Part 2, Belize

Alright, here be the second half of our vacation.  Boy oh boy do I ever miss it!  I did a 8km run in the -20 today and my face just about froze off.  And something very very bad happened to the screen on my phone.  I swear up and down that I didn’t drop it!

Feb 8 –  FINALLY, a sunny day.  IMG_7982IMG_7946This buddy was huge. (Maybe 3 – 3 1/2 feet?) And he pooped all over the deck we were sitting on.IMG_1801IMG_7948IMG_7986Our manatee/sunset boat tour had to be rescheduled twice but we finally made it out onto the water.IMG_1821IMG_1839Unfortunately we didn’t see any manatees.  So so sad.IMG_1819IMG_1879IMG_7993IMG_1892IMG_1904IMG_1895IMG_1907

Feb 9 – The weather was overcast again.  We did a half day snorkel tour with the same boat guy as yesterday.  I saw a jellyfish!IMG_1914IMG_1918IMG_1925IMG_7998IMG_1911IMG_8020 Lobster grilled cheese!IMG_8021 IMG_8009 IMG_8005

Feb 10 – We moved from our cabana in Placencia to a resort about 10 minutes outside town.  I couldn’t believe how much more peaceful it felt.  Before we left though we had to have another espresso seaweed shake, they were amazing.IMG_8056The grass here (pictured below) is nothing like the grass at home.  It even has teeny tiny flowers (my finger for size).IMG_8058The ocean bar at at the resort.IMG_8072Don’t mind if I do.IMG_8073IMG_8099IMG_8095A sunset walk through the marina.IMG_8112IMG_8101

Feb 11 – This was our last sunny day. 5 out of 10 isn’t bad right? (It’s kinda bad.)IMG_1999IMG_2055Sunrise was gorgeous!IMG_2006IMG_2009IMG_2058IMG_8134Shane and I switched off on baby duty every hour for two days.  Mommy and Hazel smoothie time.IMG_8155IMG_2064IMG_2112IMG_2068IMG_2030 My hour without the baby.  Sun tanning with a rum and coke…IMG_8166…While they napped.IMG_8177IMG_8161The view from our room.IMG_8128IMG_2131IMG_2090IMG_2194


Feb 12 – Our last day in Belize was cold and rainy.  (That book was just on the table, no idea where is came from)IMG_8203IMG_8188IMG_8205IMG_8202Goodbye beautiful curls!IMG_8186I didn’t take any photos of our travelling day home.  It was a looong day, but Hazel was so much better behaved and we were so much better rested.  What fantastic memories we have.  It was so, so worth the challenge of travelling with Hazel.  I got majorly bit by the travelling bug on this vacation and I am stoked to see what our future holds!

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  1. Dini (grandma)
    March 5, 2016 at 5:51 pm (2 years ago)

    Did your screen freeze-dry? Beautiful pictures, happy memories.


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