August 10

IMG_4702Hey, look at this!  It’s a dump truck.  In our yard!  Unfortunately what he is tipping is not exactly what I had in mind when I ordered 3/4 crush.  It looks a lot like dirt.  Boo!  It’s 10 yards of dirt to be exact, with a few pebbles in it.  Apparently it’s kind of an issue around here, the amount of fines in the gravel.  Oh well.  It was so so much work to spread all that dirt/gravel, but it’s finally done.  We’ve been trying to rent the only plate tamper in town for 2.5 weeks now, but it’s still not available, so that blows.  (Please excuse the ghetto cooler upside down in our yard, it was drying after a good scrubbing.)  I’d say our backyard is looking much better now, but it’s not really.  Now it looks like a huge dirt pad next to the grass.  I’m rather disappointed, especially considering how expensive it was.IMG_0863My sister came out for the weekend which was incredibly lovely.  I missed her a lot.  I miss everyone a lot.  She came on a Friday afternoon, Saturday morning we left for the Liard Hotsprings with her friend Morgan (who also happens to be my close friend’s cousin, small world!).  We spent the night camping at the Hotsprings which was such fun.  We sneaked in just in time to get the last available camping spot, which was great luck.  Sunday we went home, stopping 4 times along the way, just to break things up.  Hazel wasn’t a very good traveller and Morgan was incredibly car sick both ways, which I felt super bad about.  The road is very narrow and winedy. (How do you spell that word??), and I know from expierence how bad it can be if you have motion sickness.  I’ll put all the pictures from our trip at the bottom of this post (there are a lot!)  But click this link and see how cute and small Hazel was last year when we went!  And these pictures from my first drive north!
IMG_0801 Hazels first double pigtails!  So sweet.  In other sweet news Shane and I are getting new phones!  I definitely could wait until mine broke, but Shane’s is completely destroyed, to the unusable point, and he said it made way more sense to get both phones at once.  We’re both getting a 64gb iphone 6 for free!  I’m really stoked!  The camera tech on the new phones is so much better!  IMG_0811Shane and I had a wonderful date night on his last weekend.  It doesn’t look like much but it was hella good!
IMG_0854Hazel loves, and I mean reeeeally loves when she gets her hands on my phone.  This is a selfie, of course.  But whenever I try to take a picture of her with the phone she almost always sticks her tounge out.  What??  I think it’s because she is obsessed with the dog snapchat filter that “licks” when you open your mouth.  I will try to get a picture of it this week and post it on my next post.IMG_4705Lastly, we finally ordered and received our piece of living room art!  It sure looks small on the wall in this picture, but I assure you, it’s perfect in person.  I usually have that purple blanket of Shane’s mom on the back of the couch, which really pulls the purple out of the picture and makes it pop. I’m so happy we have it finally!  (Just imagine, one day I’ll have trinkets and magazines on my coffee table and side table.  And a standing lamp beside the couch again.  Dang kids.IMG_4771 IMG_4777 IMG_4789Over the whole trip we saw: a mama bear and two cubs eating a moose on the side of the highway, mountain sheep, caribou, a bull moose (near the boardwalk where we walked), bison, and mountain goats.IMG_4798 (1)IMG_1005The seasons were definitely changing to fall up north.  That is my truck peaking out there.IMG_4804 IMG_0871 IMG_0901 We were able to swim in the Hotsprings twice, which was a major perk of staying in the park!IMG_0909IMG_4840 IMG_0939IMG_0942Banana boats are my favourite camping treat this summer!  We ran out of tinfoil, they are supposed to be fully enclosed and shoved a bit closer to the fire.IMG_4847 IMG_0945This one is for Morgan, who died over this little guy’s cuteness.IMG_0999 IMG_0952 IMG_1001IMG_4921IMG_4916 Our first stop was Muncho Lake.  It is incredibly gorgeous.  Like, blow your mind beautiful.IMG_4896 IMG_4931IMG_4854 IMG_4945 IMG_4980IMG_4982 (1)We also stopped near Toad River for lunch (where Natasha get a pincher stuck in her hair!!!!), at Tetsa Campground for delicious cinnamon buns and bread, and finally at a lookout past Summit closer to Fort Nelson.IMG_4986I would like to thank Natasha for not dropping my multi thousand dollar camera out the window while she took this picture.IMG_5016 IMG_4990 IMG_4998I love this picture because Hazel has her tongue out and Maestro looks like he’s barking.

And that was it!  We had such a lovely time and no issues at all with my driving the trailer (and backing it into the camp spot!)  I’m so glad Natasha got to see the Liard Hotsprings before she left the North entirely, it’s an incredible drive and such a beautiful place.  She left again on Monday and it was back to work for me.  Shane is working a stretch of 8 shifts, but he’s off on Sunday, which is our one year house-anniversary!  I’m thinking we should celebrate by drinking a few beers by the fire and doing no work at all to the house.

P.s. the last comment I received was in March, so if you feel like dropping some love, I’m all ears!

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  1. Michelle
    August 24, 2016 at 9:48 pm (1 year ago)

    Whoop whoop look at your booty!

    • Alyssa
      September 1, 2016 at 12:17 pm (1 year ago)

      it worked!


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