A Day in the Life – Jan 15

Hey! I thought I’d do another one of these on our lazy Sunday at home.  It ended with Hazel being sick, so this isn’t typical of our days.  But seriously, no two days are the same here, so this is just par for the course.  IMG_73705:30 – Dark and early, as usual Hazel is up.  I went to sleep at 8:30 last night, so I’m well rested.  I’m finally getting the hang of this getting up crazy early thing.  Hazel wakes up with a congested, runny nose and a barking cough.  Dang, she didn’t go to bed sick.

5:45 – 6:30 – Sunday breakfast is my favourite.  Shane was working a night last night, but he stays up to have our Sunday Morning Pancakes.  I make the same thing, bacon + oranges + pancakes, this week they are blueberry.  We need to get a booster seat for Hazel, my dining chairs are getting trashed.  She loves sitting at the table with us.  IMG_73846:30 – Tidy the kitchen, get Hazel dressed.  She looks so adorable in the headband.  Too bad she ripped it off after 30 seconds.
IMG_23017 – My turn to get ready.

7:15 – Comfy Sunday (no public interaction) clothes.  But who am I kidding, I go to playgroups in this outfit too.IMG_73947:25 – Can’t forget these suckers!IMG_23147:30 – Hazel asks to go downstairs, so off we go.IMG_74008:15 – Back to the kitchen to make bread. IMG_2312 8:40 – The bread is on it’s first rise.  Tea drinking, list writing time. IMG_74098:45 – I let the dog out and took this picture.IMG_23219:20 – IMG_23259:40 – I call my mom just after I eat this snack, 1/2 an apple with some sunbutter I made.  Yum!  We talk for almost an hour.IMG_741210:40 – I get off the phone to shape this sucker.  Second rise and go!
IMG_2313 10:55 – Time for another snack.  Yogurt, a bunch of berries and a tiny bit of honey.
IMG_232711:20 – Bread in the oven

11:50 – Hazel goes down for a nap.  I hear her coughing and coughing, she’s not able to sleep, but she’s not fussy either.  I decide to get our lunches ready.IMG_741512:15 – Poor little thing is up.  IMG_742212:30 – Bread out of the oven.  It baked for over an hour, but I can’t believe how big it is!  (I had to have a nibble) (This is the bread recipe I made, but I added some ground anise and used a combo of cranberries and raisins.IMG_742112:55 – The temperature is -5 and it is GLORIOUS!  After months of -20, -5 is like a spring day.  Today is my rest day from working out so I walk 6kms.  Hazel falls asleep after 25 minutes and stays asleep for 40.  I’m so glad for that.IMG_2331 2:05 – Home.

2:50 – Hazel is feeling worse, she doesn’t usually sit on my lap without moving.  A friend drops by after I offer to give her a huge chunk of that delicious bread.  (I think I’ve eaten 2.5 slices by now.)
IMG_7431 3:00 – Hazel says she wants a snack but barely picks at it, and these are her two favourite things!  I sat next to her very concerned because she was so out of it I though she might tip off the chair.IMG_74373:05 – Yup, so that happned.  Hazel was sick alllllllllll over the table and the floor.  I set her up with Mickey Mouse.  She spends the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching shows and cuddling me.  She’s super lethargic and won’t really talk.

I do some meal prep for my dinner, since it’s usually hard after Shane leaves for work.

4:45 – Shane gets up at 4:45 and sits with us for a few minutes.

5:00 – Hazel says she wants a bath (good thing, because there is dried vomit in her hair), but the second she sits in the water she says she’s all done.  And she looooves her baths.  Time for some tylonel (she has a fever) and some gravol.

5:30 – We each read her a story and she’s alseep in a few minutes.IMG_23336:00 – My dinner is ready!  It doesn’t look like much but it takes amazing.  (Lentils, quinoa, carm. onions, roasted brussels sprouts, chickpeas with nutritional yeast, avocado and a tahini dressing.  I could eat this for a week straight.IMG_23346:30 – Drinking a glass of wine, working on this post.

7 – Still working, but now with a weakly crying toddler in the background.  I hope she gets some good sleep and wakes up better!

It’s awful watching your baby be sick, so that part I could have done without!  But regardless, the entire day was great, I love this slice of life.

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  1. Michelle
    January 29, 2017 at 10:16 am (12 months ago)

    I love these day in the life posts. It gives us a nice Snapshot into what your days are like. Poor baby, it’s so hard to watch them be sick.


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