A San Francisco Road Trip Recap – 7 Years Late

So this is a weird post, feel free to skip it, but I was uploading old photos from my external hard drive last night and came across these wonderful photos.  They had me laughing my butt off one second and cringing the next!  Two of my sisters (Natasha and Stephlynne) and I road tripped from Chilliwack to San Francisco and back in 2010.  THESE PICTURES ARE 7 YEARS OLD, PLEASE BE KIND TO US!  I don’t remember doing much planning for this trip, we just decided to do it. (Right Tash?)  Can you even imagine doing that now?  I’ve never laughed so hard or so frequently.   We were so young!  I was 19, Natasha 18 and Steph was days away from 17 (I think!).  Anyway, most of these were never posted and a trip of the magnitude needs recording.  I love these memories and I love these girls.  I have no idea why we took half the pictures we took…like pictures of every single spill on our clothing?  Really?  We thought it was hilarious at the time though!  Oh, and every single beverage we drank.  Why I saved 100s of blurry photos is beyond me.  We took like fifty pictures of the inside of a lighthouse, which you can imagine are NOT INTERESTING AT ALL!  Please forgive me sisters, but this is happening.DSCF1006 7DSCF1051 4DSCF1019 6I took like 5 of this exact selfie, in separate locations.  WHY??  DSCF1085 5DSCF1126 3Adorable 17 year old Steph in Portland.  DSCF1131 2While we were eating this (and another waffle) on the sidewalk a homeless man chased us down yelling because we didn’t want to “give him a bite” (I’m not joking!)DSCF1091 7DSCF4051Voodoo Doughtnuts were all the rage in 2010 (still are?)DSCF1102 6Why this picture? Why this angle?DSCF1106 5Ummmmm, yum!DSCF1148 3Why did we buy clothes hangers in Portland and then drive with all the crap stuffed in the back seat for over a week?  (Also, I still own and use both those pillows and that wire trash can!)DSCF4164DSCF1195 3Cheese tour lunch.  I still have this photo framed on my desk.DSCF1186DSCF4099DSCF1247DSCF4132DSCF1319We could not have been more wet if we had actually jumped in the water.DSCF4124DSCF4123DSCF1308DSCF1382DSCF1361DSCF4150DSCF1384DSCF1479DSCF1480DSCF4264DSCF1679Inside joke reminder!DSCF1678Natasha was a vegetarian at the time and we went to a seafood restaurant, so the joke was that she was going to eat oyster crackers for dinner.  I still crack up, I guess you had to be there.DSCF1676The chowder Steph and I ate, with the oyster crackers on the table.DSCF4284DSCF4281DSCF4180DSCF1455 DSCF1445 DSCF4223The Oregon Coast was a rain soaked mess, but once we crossed into California it got a lot nicer.DSCF1539 DSCF4206DSCF1506DSCF1499DSCF1567DSCF1592DSCF1040 2DSCF1078 2A quick stop to see the redwoods.  In the middle of the road, as you do without parental supervision.DSCF1092 4DSCF1103 2We were PUMPED when the Golden Gate bridge came into view.DSCF4370DSCF1029 3We were affogato fiends!DSCF1192 2DSCF1085 3503496Alcatraz!451443466We’re so cute!548DSCF1057 5Hahaha!  A classic!
DSCF1029 2DSCF1064 2DSCF1069 3We had a picnic and ice cream in a park in the Mission District on July 4th.  It was the place to be.DSCF4443I remember being very tired and very hungry watching these fireworks.
DSCF1117 4DSCF1095 7DSCF1108 5The ending to our trip was dramatic.  I think we drove the 14 hours in one shot.  (Which was a big deal for Alyssa back then, now it’s not.)  It was 41 degrees celcius, my car had no air conditioning, we were at a dead stop on the freeway with no shade, going through downtown Seattle.  It is both a wonderful and painful memory.  Also, an hour later, on the other side of Seattle a huge ladder fell off the truck in front of us with traffic at 110km/h which we very narrowly missed hitting.  It could have been a disaster.  And that is the last thing I remember from the trip.

2 Comments on A San Francisco Road Trip Recap – 7 Years Late

  1. Stephlynne
    January 31, 2017 at 1:42 pm (1 year ago)

    OMFG! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA is literally all I can say.

  2. Anurag
    February 6, 2017 at 8:53 pm (1 year ago)

    Wow, I just love road trips. Wish you cover more areas of the country soon.


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