Tuesday Recap

Happy Tuesday!  How did you spend you weekend?  If you are living in the Vancouver area (as most of my friends and family do) you spent it snowed in!  We were attached to the potty in this house, which made it very difficult to leave.   Potty training is a full on job!  What everyone’s hurry to be out of diapers?  Now I’ll be potty police every twenty minutes for the foreseeable future.  Hazel is doing very well though, with only a few accidents which is nice!  Dresses and princess panties are where it’s at.  I’ve only got three pairs for her though, so I “rush” ordered some more from Old Navy.  I say “rush” because the quickest option won’t arrive for 4-5 business days, ha!  You should have seen how proud she was to do her first #2 in the potty though, so cute!

Friday night Shane worked and I made ribs in the oven so he could take some to work with him.  I normally make ribs in the crockpot, but I wanted to try something different because we’ve eaten them the exact same way the past few times and I was bored.  Here is how not to make ribs.  Cut all the fat off because it grosses you out.  Bake them in the oven at 225 for 8 hours.  It was like shoe leather.  Lesson learned.Saturday started early (super pumped to be calling 6:15 “early”!!!!) because I was babysitting.  I got Hazel up just before her friend came over, so she could sit on the potty without distractions.  The girls played really well all day and Hazel was a champ about using the potty constantly.  She will do anything for three chocolate chips, ha!  While the girls napped I ran my long run for this week, 8 km while watching an episode of Gilmore Girls.  Hazel woke up almost as soon as I was done, booo for short naps!

Isla went home at 3, but I pulled Hazel (and her potty) in the sled over to Amanda’s (Isla’s mom) house for tea.  We were home in time to say goodbye to Shane when he left for work.All week I had been looking forward to my couch date.  I put Hazel to bed, got myself into pyjamas and didn’t move for a few hours.  I painted my toe nails and finished my book club book The Boston Girl.  It was a very easy read, which I enjoyed, but to be honest I found it quite boring.  I read a magazine that came in the mail and really savoured the peanut butter pudding I made.  All the sugar that close to bed time must have been my undoing though.  I usually stay away from sweets after dinner for this reason.  I was up until 12:30am! And I am not a night owl.Luckily Hazel didn’t wake me to early Sunday morning.  We got up at 7:15 and had our breakfast.  I charged up my fitbit, in an effort to get myself moving a bit more.  So to get the steps going I walked on the treadmill while I started the book Outlander, which a few of my friends have been pressing me to read.  So far (25 pages in) so good.

I made an amazingly delicious salad for lunch on Sunday.  I mean, holy bananas, it was so good!  I’ll be making this recipe again and again.  It was the autumn salad with horseradish dressing from Sprouted Kitchen.  I also made myself some peanut butter pudding with a chocolate ganache, which was pretty stellar as well, but I’m a pudding fiend, so I’d say that about anything.Sunday evening we had our friends over for dinner.  We usually get together a few times a month.  For this meal we had cheeto crusted jalapeno poppers, spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic knots and ice cream sundaes.  It was super delicious.  It’s always to refreshing to spend time with friends.  Here is an unpleasant story for you though; Hazel realized she was starting to poop right in the middle of dinner.  We ran down the hallway to the potty but it was too late.  The poop had gone down her leg, dropped on the floor and made a huge mess of everything.  So there we were trying to clean up the poopsplosion on 2017 (thus far) while everyone was scarfing dinner.  Kids, am I right?

Shane and I capped off the night with a few episodes of Top Chef on the couch and an early bedtime.  Now onto the rest of the week.

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