Surfing Sunday

Happy Sunday!  We’re spending our weekend house bound, which I can’t complain about!  Shane’s working all weekend long (he’s on a stretch of 8, we miss him!)  I’m sure our next three weekends (spent out of town) will be plenty busy.  A lot of the link this week are food related, I guess that is where I am this week.

I made these veggie sandwiches for dinner this week and I think they are the best thing I’ve eaten all month!  I salivate just thinking about them.  I made them on a hoagie style roll instead of a baguette which I imagine made them much easier to eat.

This salad is speaking to me.

I’m really liking the simplicity of these cheese plates.  I think they would be perfect for an evening snack.

Marriage is work, and these are a great reminder.

We’re on the hunt for an electric kettle, do you have one to recommend?  Our stove top kettle is wearing right through the bottom if you can believe it!

I’m definitely making these this week.

Nutrition Myths.

Valentines Day is Tuesday already!  I’m planning to do this craft with Hazel & Isla today.  We’re handing out these cute treats to our friends.  And instead of a romantic dinner we’re doing a fun family brunch with french toast, yogurt parfaits and fruit.  If I’m really feeling nice I might whip up a pink hot chocolate for H 🙂

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