Right Now – February 13

Loving// Planning for Hazel’s birthday.  It’s two months away, I realize that, but we’re going to be near the boarder for a few weeks and sometimes the shipping from etsy is massively cheaper, so it pays to get it shipped to Sumas.  Also, I need to visit a party supply store when we are down, because the shipping it like $10 at Party City.  Last year Hazel’s little party we had planned with her friends got cancelled, so this is her first birthday party.  I’m not huge on themed birthday parties, but she loves Mickey Mouse a lot, so I am kind of leading with that (but not going over board, I swear.)

Eating// Kale and brussels sprout salad.  It doesn’t sound exciting, I know.  But it’s one of my favourites!  As soon as I’m done writing this post I’m planning to get into the kitchen to make these cupcakes. (With a buttercream frosting instead of the one in the recipe.)

Feeling// Rough.  I can’t figure out why, but I am having a very difficult week.  I’m blaming my hormones here.

Enjoying// The anticipation of visiting Chilliwack.  I’ve got my lists made, and a plan of attack.  I’ve got podcasts downloaded and snacks made.  I’ll be packing the truck Wednesday because we plan to leave around 3-4am on Thursday.  Knowing I’m going to see the people I love soon makes me SO HAPPY!

Wanting// to be out of the cold.  I wish we were going on an adventure to…Arizona!  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  I’d even be happy if it was a family adventure and Hazel came with us!  I won’t be picky I swear.  Dang this house for costing so much money when all I want to do is adventure.  Reading//  I feel like I’ll be reading Outlander forever.  I don’t even want to pick it up because honestly, it’s just too long.  I can’t imagine it holding my interest through the entire 850 pages.  I’m only on page 178 and it’s been almost a week.  It’s daunting to me to say the least.

Wearing// It’s kind of embarrassing to say pajamas all day (until I workout) every day, but this weird mood I’m in isn’t interested in anything tight, like jeans or fitted tops, lol!

Bookmarking// Valentine’s Day ideas.  I made some adorable treats for Hazel to hand out to her friends, and I’ve got a delicious and festive brunch menu put together 🙂

Watching// I’m really into the show Poldark right now.  It’s goooood.  Shane and I are also watching the current season of Top Chef.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it!

Regretting// Buying a planner other then the one I fell in love with.  Last year I splurged on an Erin Condren planner and fell head over heals in love.  When it came time to buy 2017’s planner I was feeling way too frugal to spend the $90 (with shipping and exchange fees) on a new one, so I let Shane buy me something else for Christmas.  REGRETS!  Once you’ve found something perfect it’s hard to change.  There is nothing wrong with my planner this year, and $90 still sounds ridiculous, but I really loved what I had.

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