Show and Tell – Your Loves

IMG_2349-2I feel kind of silly posting a post like this.  Any one who reads this knows, it’s not really my style.  But I’ve been itching to do something like this and I figured, hey it’s my blog and if I want to, why not?  I guess this blog feels really personal.  It’s all me all the time and this just feels…different.  Any way here goes nothing.IMG_7664My first love, the love I chose, my cute husband.  Shane and I are coming up on our 10th anniversary (dating anniversary that is).  We didn’t have a soft opening to our relationship, we jumped in with both feet when moved in together after 6 months.  I think that shows how committed we were/are.  I already knew at that point, that we would be together for a long long time.  Shane is my best friend and the only person who really knows me.  (And somehow appreciates me just how I am.)  He’s calm and rational where I am not, and I’ve got him covered when he’s the irrational one.  We’re a good blend of crazy.
My sweetest purest love is my baby girl.  I realize she’s heading fast towards two, but she will always be my baby.  I spend nearly every minute of the day (except for those blissful two hours she sleeps) with this girl and I couldn’t possibly be happier for it.  She makes me laugh with her singing.  She makes me so proud (like every mom right?) because she’s brilliant (she’s memorized all her favourite books!). My favourite thing in the entire world are our family cuddles.  Hazel will yell “family cuddle!” about once a day and we all drop what we are doing and wrap our arms around each other.  My heart explodes, every time.  How did I get so lucky?

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