Weekend Happenings

Saturday morning, bright and snowy.  Will it never end?  I took Hazel to Ready Set Learn just down the street at the school and it was a cooooold -10.  Luckily it’s only a 6 or so minute walk.  Thank god for 1.5 hours of entertainment and chatting with my friend.  These free programs are everything to me.  After lunch (a delicious odds and end salad) Hazel slept (fairly easily I might add).  I did an hour of Yoga with Adriene, that gal is the best!  I’ve done her 30 days of yoga program, it was actually the first thing I did postpartum and it was amazing.  I quickly changed, switched Hazel’s toys out (we are on a 3 week rotation) and then woke her up from her nap.   I usually hate waking her up because she’s super cranky and I loooove having as much time to myself as possible, but she’s been incredible hard to put down at night if she naps 1.5+.  So she was up!
We baked cookies together (this recipe I posted yesterday).  While they cooled we went outside for a walk.  The morning’s few inches of snow was melting, and it was a crisp (or balmy depending how you look at it) 1 degree.  Hazel is always throwing massive fits about not being able to walk when I bring the stroller, so I decided to see how far she could get on her own.  Wow.  I don’t know where my kid picked up her theatrics, but you should have seen her!  I was laughing actually, she was so dramatic.  About 1.5km in she starting the “I caaaaaaaaan’t dooooo iiiiiiit”. (Check out my instagram to watch it, you need to click the right arrow to scroll through).  It took us an hour and 20 minutes to do a 2.3km walk.  Luckily we had milk and cookies to fortify us once we got our boots off. For dinner I fixed up some polenta with a sausage and pepper ragu.  It was delightful.  Both Shane and I were counting down the minutes until bedtime.  I couldn’t wait, so I cracked into the wine while she was in the bath.  I was in bed by 9, ha!

I went to bed too early apparently, because I woke up at 5:15.  Sunday mornings are supposed to be lovely and slow.  I always put on music and set the table.  It’s really something we look forward to.  I took yesterday leftover polenta, cut it up and fried it until it was hot and crispy.  We ate it with fruit, lots of butter and some maple syrup.  I should say, I ate it…because Hazel wouldn’t touch it.  So an hour later she got some yogurt and cottage cheese, which she also wouldn’t eat.  Kids…am I right?  It was a looong morning.I did have a chance to bake some dinner buns for our get together and a loaf of oat soda bread that I also intended to bring along.  The soda bread was the wrong recipe though, and it wasn’t great, so I didn’t bring it.I put through a few orders for Hazel’s spring/summer wardrobe today!  I made a list and almost stuck to it!  There were a few things I couldn’t find, that I’ll want to source in person when I am around a store, but I did pretty good.  Some of my favourites: this shirt, and this one, this dress, and a classic jean short.  I tend to buy cute patterned tops and solid bottoms or I have a very hard time matching things.  Once I see everything in person I can decide whether I have enough solid tops that I could find a common patterned bottom.  Does that even make sense?  I’m looking for some sandals she can actually run around in, but I find that sizes vary so much, I’ll have better luck in person.   Around 12:30 we left to walk the very long way to a friend’s for a late lunch.  Hazel had her nap on the way, YES!!!!  I wasn’t thinking that was going to happen!

I am always amazed by the transformative powers of talking to other adults.  I am the first to tell you how privileged my life is, but I get really down on myself, almost every day.  My child is a handful and I feel overwhelmed.  (Understatement of the year).  I was lucky enough to have plans with our friends this afternoon.  It’s been a two months (holy where did the time go) since I’ve seen them last, which was way too long.  My kid was occupied, I was thinking about something other then myself/Hazel for two hours.  It was glorious and I feel like a new person.   It took us ages to walk home, since Hazel had to walk, but I tried my absolute best to be patient.  I’m not patient, I’m really not.  But I try.  We read about one hundred thousand books and Hazel had a few time outs (why won’t she stop hitting me?!!!).  I prepped tomorrow breakfast, apple/dried cherry muesli…I’m looking forward to this already!

We were all very happy to see Shane walk through the door at 6:15!  Dinner was leftover from last night and some extra bits I picked up from lunch.  We also shared one of those giant cookies from yesterday.  On the docket for tonight: showers, a glass of wine and netflix and chill.

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  1. Maia Dixon
    April 24, 2017 at 9:11 pm (9 months ago)

    I’m so glad u have those connecting wooden train tracks. Best toy ever! (After Lego!)


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