April 27

Hey there!  The weather is warm and sunny, the snow/muck are mostly gone and we are all feeling so much better for it.  Our neighbours have all been out cutting their lawns the past two days, but I’m looking at mine wondering if it needs it yet.  It just seems a bit…brown.  I’m getting to the point in the house/yard where I just don’t really care.  I’m over spending money to constantly improve things.  Maybe since we’ve now lived here for 1.5 years I’m accepting the way things are, shrugging my shoulders and moving on.  This isn’t our forever house you know?  Even though we might be here forever *winky face*.

Because the weather has been so much better I’ve been spending a lot more time outside with Hazel.  She walks all over town (like, on her own feet) with me.  It kills so much time because she is so slow. HAHA!  Like, the other morning I wasn’t sure we’d survive until our 9:30 leave time to get to playgroup, so we started our walk at 8am.  We walked down the hill, to the coffeeshop, bought a snack at the health food store (those stuffed clif bars are bomb!), checked the mail and finally made it to playgroup.  And she walked the whole way!  She’s covered in scrapes now, because she seems to trip all the time, but she’s happy!  I’m also thinking of it as training for the hikes we want to do this summer.  But really, if I were planning correctly, I’d be trying to get her comfortable in a hiking baby carrier, because that is more likely to happen.We’ve been on a serious muesli kick.  I could it eat all hours of the day.  I love that I wake up and it’s ready, though I don’t love making it the night before.  But whatever, it’s worth it!  Something new we’ve done in the past week is track the cost of every meal/snack/drink.  I know that sounds crazy, but I always like a project.  Really, it’s not the numbers that have been the most interesting part, but it’s seeing how dedicated I am to not wasting food when I have to write out the cost of the food going into the garbage.  We have saved a bundle on our grocery budgets this week, making sure to eat leftovers, and all the odds and ends.  (Not that we were that bad about it before.)  Like cottage cheese in our smoothies (really good, makes them creamy, adds protein, and you can’t detect it at all), and the salad I made today that literally cleaned out the fridge of produce going bad, tiny bits of sliced meats/hard boiled eggs, pickles, half a cup of rice.  Really crazy (and delicious) stuff.  Me a week ago would NEVER have made that salad, I would have thrown the yucky bits away in a few more days.  Our average food cost for each day is $20.40, with a range of $11.58 (lowest day) to $25.91 (highest day), which all depended on whether we were eating leftovers, or whether I baked, or whether we had a snack at playgroup.  See…FUN!

We have some great plans coming right up this weekend, so I’ll talk to you afterwards!

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  1. Maia Dixon
    April 28, 2017 at 1:46 pm (9 months ago)

    I knew a couple in Tofino with a toddler and they went hiking all the time. They had a baby hiking rig that was like a strap-in swing that connected between the two adults. So when the kid was tired of walking, they just pulled farther apart to lift him up. And if he wanted to walk, they came closer together. Not sure if it was store bought or home made, but it looked really cool and seemed to work well. Like a hiking family train!

  2. Maia Dixon
    May 7, 2017 at 2:43 pm (9 months ago)

    Where’s the weekend update? I check every day!


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