May 11

Hey!  Hazel and I just returned from a quick visit to Chilliwack.  10 days was nowhere near long enough.  It’s a good thing we’ve got another trip on the books.  (25 days!)We were lucky to get a ride down with a friend and her daughter, which made the trip much more enjoyable.  It was 9pm before we landed in Vancouver, but Hazel was sooo excited to see my mom.  It was adorable.  She didn’t stop talking for an hour and a half.We spent lots of time taking walks outside and playing on the playground.  Flowers, trees, green grass…it fills up me up.  We drove to Kamloops so Hazel could play with her bestie Isla.Hazel has been talking about feeding the calves milk for almost a week now.  She was PUMPED! Lady date at the tulip festival in Chilliwack! Waffle/rainy beach walk in Vancouver with Auntie Erin.

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