May 21

Happy May Long!  We’ve had a really great weekend here.  Shane finally had days off (love overtime, hate not having Shane around) on Friday – Sunday.  So we packed up and headed to Summit Lake to camp.  We had planned on two nights, but got too much sun…only on our faces, because we were bundled up in the winter coats, ha!  I hadn’t even considered sunburns in my planning!  I didn’t have sunblock, aloe vera, or hats for all of us.  Since we don’t have an awning on the trailer, we had no place to get out of the sun, so we had to come home.   As nice as it would have been to stay, we had a lovely extra day at home.  It was a wonderful 22 degrees, which called for a run through the sprinkler.  

Our little camping trip made me very excited for the rest of summer.  We’ve got a few camping trips on the books as well as that awesome road trip at the end of the season!  I’m stoked!On Thursday I planted all my seedlings.  I’ve spent $150 on plants thus far, which you’d think meant I had a lot, but you’d be wrong.  I bought two of the cheapest (and crappiest looking) hanging baskets, which set me back $50.  Ugh!  My mom got two “cheap” (they look great!) hanging baskets from Costco for $26!!!  I’ve got to time next years spring visit down south with planting season up here.  Note to Alyssa: drive back from Chilliwack (with plants!) in time for the May long weekend.So on the way back from camping yesterday Shane and I listened to one of my favourite podcasts, Unexplained.  Specifically we listened to Season 2, episode 4, parts 1, 2 & 3.  And wow.  I’m both unsettled and intrigued.  The story centers around 9 dead hikers in the Ural Mountains, 1959.  If you are into weird stories with no obvious conclusions you’ll love it.  Now I’m off.  We’re roasted hot dogs over a fire tonight, and making banana boats, since we didn’t get to last night.  Have a great weekend!

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