Right Now – May 26

Loving // My garden and I are getting along great right now!  I am actually really excited for this season!  Last year I planted 6 weeks later than this year, so of course it will be a far different expierece.  I am excited to pick up some perennials down south and send them back with Shane.  Slow and steady with the gardens right?  There is so much potential in our yard, but northern gardening still scares me (as far as keeping things like peonies and dahlias coming back year after year.)  This year we are installing fence all around the yard, so that will be a big improvement over our current view of the overgrown back lane.  I’ve got to arrange for someone to water my plants while I’m down though, which is turning into a HUGE PAIN!  (Shane will be with us two weeks out of four this time, and we’re all going away for two weeks at the end of August as well.)  I didn’t think that one through very well.

Reading // I’ve given up my book club until autumn.  I’m only in town for maybe 1 out of 4 months, so I’m taking a leave until things are more settled.  I’ve had some good luck picking random books off the shelf though.  First I picked up The Girls of Ennismore, which I loved.  So then I picked up The Linen Queen, by the same author, which I also enjoyed.  And it turns out I read the other book The Yellow House back in 2013.  I can officially recommend Patricia Flavey, because I apparently love her stuff, lol.  I asked for Jane Eyre for Christmas, so that is the book I am actively reading, but yikes.  It’s kind of…1818.  I’m used to reading ABOUT the time period, but what was written IN it.  Maybe it’s one of those books everyone says they’ve read…but haven’t really?The plum tree in my front yard is blooming!  And since I think they skip every second year this year we don’t expect fruit (thank god! they’re not good and they make a huge mess).

Wearing // It’s shorts season!! WHOOOOT!  And dresses, and skirts.  I’m all over this.  And I’m about 100 time more comfortable then I was last month with my legs stuck in leg prisons (pants).  Did I mention I’ve ripped through 3 pairs of jeans this year so far?

Eating // Another sprouted kitchen salad.  I swear I’ve never had a bad salad from Sara’s website/books.  The author mentioned doing another cookbook on just salads and I am allll over that.  Seriously in love.  I am cooking up a few things for dinner tonight that I am excited about.  We’re making our Burmese spice kit from Rawspicebar tonight, so burmese ginger sliders and a tea leaf salad with rice sound so good.  For dessert I’ve got this (kinda) fancy banana bread in the oven.

Watching // I’m just getting into Outlander now.  I saw it was playing on Netflix, and since I’ve given up reading the book I’m stoked I can still get it!  I’m also watching the last few seasons of Gilmore Girls when Shane works night shift, which is so lovely.  I’m nearing the end, but enjoying it so much more then at the beginning.

Drinking // All the iced tea.  We’re back into making iced teas and coffees to sip on in the afternoons.  Today I tried my hand at thai iced tea, which is a favourite when I’m out.  I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!Enjoying // I’m in the middle of planning a surprise for Shane, which makes me so excited!  For his Father’s Day gift we’re going to take a ferry over to the Sunshine Coast and camp for two nights!  We’ve never been, but I know some of you have.  I’m going to tell him not to read this post, so please!  If you have insider tips, or must dos, I’d love if you left me a comment!  I’m not planning to go further north then Sechelt and we’re staying for two nights at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. Currently very interested in; drinking local beer at Persephone Brewery, eating fresh seafood, exploring the tide pools along the ocean (best place to do this?), visiting a market and hiking to Skookumchuck Narrows (too hard with a two year old?  we have a hiking backpack).  We’re planning for a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to avoid ferry waits.

Feeling // I’m very excited to be going back to Chilliwack so soon.  I’m going to meet my friend Amanda’s baby! Have beach days at Cultus Lake!  Drink beer on the lawn at Fieldhouse! Eat Indian food!  Visit family! Hike Mt. Cheam! Drink wine on the patio! Eat pizza in the park!  So so many good things to look forward to.  But before we go we have lots of fun planned too.  A potluck tomorrow night with friends, library dates, lots of time at the spray park/playground, am Indian food community potluck, and about one million hours of playing in the back yard.  Summer is here and I couldn’t be any happier!


3 Comments on Right Now – May 26

  1. Maia Dixon
    May 26, 2017 at 3:53 pm (8 months ago)

    Glad u r loving Gilmore Girls! Try Greys Anatomy in the fall!

  2. Carey-Jane
    May 29, 2017 at 7:41 pm (8 months ago)

    Hi! Your one non family member occasional blog reader here 🙂 😛 Outlander is so amazing! I don’t know how much you love reading but the book series (if they can be called books- they are EPICLY LONG) are even better than the show! I’m on my second round through them and they are even better the second time…

    Chilliwack is looking so gorgeous these days, hope you have a wonderful time when you’re here! I’ll say hi if I see you at the grocery store 🙂

  3. Dina Geerts
    June 1, 2017 at 8:17 pm (8 months ago)

    Beautiful sunset, Alyssa. It took a long time for the weather to warm up here, but summer is coming. Tomorrow we’re off to Whistler for a week. We’re looking forward to seing you when we get back, Need to stock up on hugs and the latest news. . Have a safe trip, watch for flooding.


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