A Father’s Day trip to the Sunshine Coast

I am a huge proponent of experiences over things, so to celebrate father’s day this year I planned a small trip to the Sunshine Coast.  We left early enough one morning that both of my passengers fell asleep on the way in to the ferry.  The trip was a short 40 minutes, which was perfect.  Hazel loved her first ferry experience running around like a mad woman in the strong wind.
We spent two night camping in Porpoise Bay just past Sechelt, and it was probably the most beautiful provincial park I’ve stayed in.  We would go back for sure.  We tented for two nights, but it rained heavily through both of them, so we were a little damp.

We didn’t pack anything to cook with or eat from.  Aside from some granola bars and a bag of chips, we brought nothing to eat.  Unfortunately we were fairly disappointed with most of our restaurant choices, which just further reinforces why we don’t often go out to eat.

We spent most of our weekend between the tide pools and the parks because that is what made our girl happy.  We walked and talked and even did a little hiking in Hidden Grove.  It was such a simple, fun way to celebrate father’s day.

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