June in Chilliwack

Hazel and I got back from our month in Chilliwack a week ago today.  We had such an amazing time.  I wish I never had to leave it.  Our first 2 weeks were busy (Shane was with us) and fun.  The weather wasn’t the best, but such is June.  After Shane left though, the real fun started.  We had such beautiful weather (no more rain!) and such fun days.  We rode my bike all over town.  We had starbucks almost every day.  We had a lovely day at Granville Island.  We went to the beach two (or was it three) times.  We picnicked, we (hazel) ate lots of popsicles.  We BBQed, drank beer and good gin.  I got to go out a few times with my sister (thanks mom!), we hung out with friends.  We had a wonderful Canada day listening to music and watching fireworks.  We celebrated a birthday and spent time at the splash park.  Guys, it was so so good.

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