June 23

Hi friends.  I’ve been home for 2.5 weeks, and they’ve actually been more eventful then I thought.  Some big things have happened!  Some of those include, buying a canoe! Taking a trip to FSJ to pick up that canoe, and buy fencing.  Trying that canoe out at the lake!  Saying goodbye to close friends, which always sucks. (Can’t wait until it’s us leaving!) Painting the front door an awesome shade of blue.  Ordering items to finish off the bathroom reno we started in like…February.  Making so many zucchini recipes to deal with the only crop my garden is harvesting.  Baking cakes to decorate.  Getting my bike up and running, and then struggling up every single hill in town, ugh.  I’ve read two books, ran away screaming twice after pincher bugs landed on me, and snuggled two friend’s new babies!  We’ve been having the worst weather here, barely any sunshine and warm temperatures.  This morning was rain, sweaters and the furnace on, which is like way too many other days this month.  And yet we’ve got a campfire ban…which I understand, but am still disappointed about.  We also signed Hazel up for playschool and are currently in a two week swimming lesson course.  It’s good fun stuff! And we’ve got more coming up 🙂

This is the getup I wear to keep the bugs off me.

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  1. Maia Dixon
    July 24, 2017 at 9:36 am (6 months ago)

    Please post some zucchini recipes!!
    And that cake too!


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