August 5

Woohooooo!  I’m in full trip planning/preparation mode!  It’s one of my favorite places to be.  I’ve got a master itinerary, so we know where we are going, and what food is worth stopping for a long the way.  I’ve got a list of snack ideas as long as my arm and even an adult “lunchable” list, you know, an on the go impromptu picnic of shelf stable foods for lunch.  So far it’s tuna/guac/triscuits (plus fruit and chocolate), and salami/hard cheese/crackers (plus the fruit/chocolate).  Any ideas to add?  I am thinking a yogurt/nut butter sandwich combo, but we have no access to ice packs or anything, so that would be better for running into the super market and grabbing cold yogurt…but then I could buy any assortment of deli items.  I’m all ears for ideas.  We’ve got plans to eat breakfast and dinner in camp at least half the time and eat all manner of delicious food for the rest of it.  I’m very excited.  My close friend Amanda is back in town, and Hazel and I have been loving it!  It’s so great to have my daily friend back (the person I see almost every day).  We’re going to miss them so much if they leave.  We’ve also been doing a lot of playing at the park and the splash pad, the weather here is finally more summer like.  Summer like here includes a lot of passing thunderstorms, which makes for interesting afternoons.I ordered an Erin Condren planner a few weeks back.  As you may recall, I was obsessed with the other EC planner I had for 2016.  I didn’t get one for 2017, which was disappointing.  Luckily I knew I’d be getting one for 2018, and one of the great features when ordering is that you can add the remaining months of the year for $5.  So I’ll be able to start using it when it comes.  It’s basically a 17-month planner for me.  They are so pricey after you add a few sticker packages and the $20USD for shipping into Canada, but it brings me so much joy.  I’ve been watching the tracking info and it’s been sitting in Richmond, BC waiting for customs clearance for 9 days now!  Gah!I recently ordered one a subscription snack box.  I know there are a lot out there.  Most don’t ship to Canada.  But I just received my first Universal Yums box and it is so fun!  The theme was South Korea and the treats are all so neat!  Last few months were Mexico, Japan, Austria…isn’t that cool?  I’m going to keep getting them for now because I’m really enjoying the new flavours in my evening snacking.Big news!  I booked myself a solo trip!  I’ve wanted to travel by myself for a while now, just as a thing to do.  A way to get to know myself and all that.  I finally found my slim window of opportunity in October.  The three of us will be down for a visit, so I’m going to go to Quebec City for four nights!!!  I’m going to stay in this charming hotel (constructed in 1876!), eat delicious french food and wander cobblestone streets.  I am very, very excited for it!Our dang fridge broke!  Just the fridge part, the freezer works fine.  Such a bummer!  Shane order the part needed this morning (the electronic control board), so we will see if it gets here before we go on vacation (in 9 days).  I’ve got everything in a cooler on the floor (which Hazel is stoked about), but I don’t trust coolers!  They never feel quite cool enough.  Anyway, we will be throwing everything away if we can’t get it running before we leave because I can’t change the ice while we are gone.  Shane figures a power surge fried the power board (we have so many storms here the power is on and off a few times a week), such a bummer!!
The pillows finally arrived for the bench Shane made me!

Also, for those who asked, we’ve been eating these zucchini fritters and these chocolate zucchini muffins, both of which are SO good!

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  1. dina geerts
    August 20, 2017 at 4:37 pm (5 months ago)

    Love the pillows, such a neat bench. Enjoy your trip to Manitoba. Safe travels. we’re just back from 2 weeks in Ontario. Better weather there than here!


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