Right Now – September 8

Loving // I have a bar of cinnamon scented soap in our bathroom and it smells so good.  Impossibly good.  I want to wear it as a necklace so everywhere I go it smells like this great soap.  

Reading // The whole Harry Potter series.  I get so much pleasure from these books, it’s amazing.  I’ve spent most of the past week in bed by 8:30 reading until my eyelids get heavy.  I’m well into book #2 and I couldn’t be happier!

Wearing // Wishing it would be pants weather!

Eating // I made cream cheese pumpkin cake bars yesterday and they are lovely!  Autumn and baking go hand in hand and I’m so pumped it’s that time!  I’m also really into chicken salad right now, and I made the best baked meatballs on pasta last night to eat with a friend.  Even though it’s deceptively warm out I can’t stop turning my oven on.  Anyone else have this problem in September?

Watching // Hazel have the best time with her friends!  I love watching her relationships with other kids.  They’re all starting to play games together instead of beside each other.  I’m mostly talking about other people’s kids because Hazel has been tyring to play with them for ages, but they’re finally reciprocating!  Hazel starts two hour-a-week playschool next week and I am so excited for her to learn and grow more independently!

Drinking //  Mostly loads of water, but currently a nice chai tea.

Enjoying // We’ve got some great stuff planned for October, so planning for that has been fun!  It’s pretty much a requirement that we visit the Valley in October since I am a fall aficionado and the north sucks at fall.  No pumpkin patches and corn mazes here!

Feeling // Super stoked!  We are getting a king sized bed today!  My closest friend is moving out of town and doesn’t want to move her 2.5-year-old bed, so she is selling it to us!  I think once you go King you can never go back right?  So today we are doing the bed shuffle.  Our queen into the guest room down stairs, the bed frame into Hazel’s room, and the toddler bed into storage (because let’s be real, she refuses to sleep in it.  She’s a queen through and through.)

Wanting // To see my family down south.  I miss them a lot!  We left over 2 months ago and it feels like ages to me.  To be honest, I’m glad we missed summer there this year, the smoke/super hot weather wouldn’t have been that much fun.  But if I could leave next week I totally would.  I had reservations about sticking Hazel is playschool this year for that very reason, she’s going to miss a lot of Wednesday there, and we still have to pay for it.  It makes me feel like I can’t leave here as easily as I would like.

Bookmarking // I’m super into baking recipes right now, I feel like I keep coming across them, which is a pretty great problem to have.  Hazel is super into watching “cake videos” on youtube (mostly just cakes with rosie or cupcake jemma), so I’ve been saving the ones she seems most enthused about.

Craving // I’m really feeling this bar recipe or this one!  Both have been open in tabs on my computer all week.  I’m also looking forward to this pasta for dinner tomorrow night.

Anticipating // Hazel and I have grand plans of hitting up the farmer’s market, the craft fair happening tomorrow and a matinee showing of The Emoji Movie.  Looking forward to such a fun day with my girl!

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