Hazel’s First Day of School

We signed Hazel up for a 2-year old playschool program and it started today.  Hazel was so stoked she didn’t even say good-bye, she just raced outside to the playground!  She had so much fun, didn’t miss me at all and totally lit up when she saw me outside her classroom to pick her up.  She’s amazing.  I, on the other hand, was sitting in the parking lot 25 minutes earlier than I needed to because I was such a bundle of nerves.  I missed her!  Her program is only 2 hours every Wednesday, which is lovely, though I think she would like it more often.  I can’t say how proud I am of her, and I do realize this much emotion over 2-hours of mommy free time is kinda ridiculous on my part!  I watched her through the one-way glass for the last 10 minutes of her class and she was just perfect.  I love her so much! Even packing her very first “lunch” (it was a snack) that I wouldn’t be around for was exciting/emotional for me.As for what I did with my two hours?  Drank tea and got started on HP numero 3. Picked up some packages.  Stress purchased chocolate from the store and then waited until it was a decent time to go pick her up.  I’ll get better at this…
After playschool, we headed to the park for some play and a picnic.  And then a nap!

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