Right Now – October 8

Loving// I’m just feeling pretty positive about life right now.  5 days ago?  The very opposite.  I forgot what a crazy rollercoaster of uncontrollable emotions pregnancy is for me.  I go from the depths of despair to fiery anger to complete contentment within the space of a week.  It’s insane.  The past three days have been great and I don’t take it for granted!

Reading// I finished my book club book a few days ago.  It is called At The Water’s Edge.  It was very good for a light easy read, which is pretty much my favourite.  It’s WW2 Scotland.  The character is pretty ditzy, but it was entertaining and I finished it in 2.5 days which is very fast for me.  Now I’m back to my regular Harry Potter!  I’m on book 5, but word count wise I think I’m only just hitting half way.

Wearing// I’m growing out of all my non maternity clothes.  My belly shows out the bottom!  I’m definitley in the market for some more maternity options!  Heres hoping the thrift stores down south have some things for me.

Eating// Sourdough all day.  My bread making game is on point now!  I’m actually super proud of it.  I have this idea of gifting it to other people, but I never actually do, haha!  We always eat it ourselves.  Today’s loaf though…I made it to give away, so that is happening.

Watching//  Shane and I love Planet Earth and there is a new season on Netflix!  I highly recommend it.  The second episode was so so good, we could NOT STOP LAUGHING at the bears scratching themselves on trees.  We usually pair our TV evenings (they’re like once a week) with some treats from our Universal Yums box that we get once a month. We get the small box, and with shipping, it is about $22 CAD.  We love it!  This month the country was Pakistan, and we’ve not really loved the snacks, but they’ve been fun to sample anyway!  Last month was Columbia and it was so good!  And the month before was Thailand which was equally good.

Drinking//  It’s cold here!  So I’m on tea for sure!  It’s funny, I’m not one to ever drink out of the carton in the fridge, I always pour into a glass.  This week, however, I’ve had these overwhelming cravings when I see the apple juice carton and I just start chugging standing with the fridge door open. #pregnant  That apple juice was supposed to be for apple cider…whoops!

Enjoying//  We’ve had a few rainy days here and for some reason, I’ve actually really liked them.  It just feels like home, you know?

Feeling// Nauseous!  Ugh, I drink the tea but it always makes me feel sick!

Wanting//  I’m feeling like I’d really enjoy a new Fitbit.  Mine stopped working after a year, and I just gave up on it, so I’m in the market for a new one.  I think they’ve come down in price since we last bought one, because the flex, which is what I had last time is around $80 now, rather than $120 which is what I believe we paid last time.

Bookmarking// I’m pinning all the tot school ideas!  This week’s theme will be weather, which looks super fun!  We’re going to do a bunch of simple science experiments, which is far more interesting to me then crafts.  I’m also into Halloween right now.  I like to make funny themed foods all day, so I’m looking for easy but effective ideas. You can see what I’ve come up with on my board here.

Craving// I would really like to indulge in these butterbeer cupcakes right about now!  (Those are a Harry Potter reference for those who haven’t read/watched.)  I’m also really into some fresh pretzels and mustard or cheese sauce, that sounds soooo amazing.

Anticipating//  Now that our Friendsgiving has passed (and very successfully I might add, we’ve finally got it down!) I’m thinking about leaving!  We’re starting our trip to Chilliwack this coming Friday (the 13th) and hoping to get into town on Saturday.  I’ve got lots to do before then, and another prenatal appointment to get through.  I’m just so excited to see everyone, to visit the pumpkin patch and for my trip to Quebec!!  In all the anticipation of Chilliwack I’ve almost forgotten about my own trip within my trip!  See you all soon!!

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  1. Michelle
    October 11, 2017 at 2:37 pm (3 months ago)

    Somehow I can’t see you drinking juice out of a carton. Maybe next time you could take a picture for evidence? I love that treat box idea. Sounds like the best way to learn about a country!

    • Michelle
      October 11, 2017 at 2:38 pm (3 months ago)

      PS your present arrived 😏


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