21 Weeks – #2

How far along? I’m nearing 21 weeks as I write this.  I was away from my computer for more than a month, hence the very spacious posting.

Total weight gain: 14 pounds.  I’m doing around a pound a week now, which is pretty normal.

Baby is the size of: Uhhh, what is 10.5 inches long?  A banana?

Gender?  We found out around week 19 that we are having a boy.  We went the same cupcake reveal route as last time.  It’s a classic.

Maternity clothes? You bet.  I was lucky to find some second hand and some new clothes while we were visiting down south.  Now I feel like I’m fully stocked for a while.  What a great feeling to have options!

Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty well, especially in my own bed, solo last night!  I wake once to take my thyroid medication, once to eat and hopefully no other times!  I did have a few weeks where my belly/hips/back really hurt while I slept, but everything seems okay again for now.

Best moment:  In the last month…I’ve had a lot of emotions.  Finding out the sex of our baby was stressful for me.  Shane and I both thought we were having a girl, which made the news a huge shock.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea.  I bought and received a few baby boy outfits which kinda helped it feel more real.

Miss anything: I’m finding it really hard to be in Fort Nelson again, wine would probably help!

Food cravings: I don’t think cravings are really my thing while I’m pregnant!

Items purchased: It’s definitely different the second time around!  We have most of what we need, so I’m not really shopping.  I bought a used, much nicer baby car seat from a friend.  And a new wardrobe for myself.  We’ve got to start-finish the nursery room (from the studs) and we bought flooring and a light (which was forgotten in Chilliwack, ugh).  It feels like a long way to go since we don’t know how to drywall and we don’t have anyone to learn from/that we can afford to do it for us.  I’m thinking a coat of paint, new floors and call it done, because seriously.

Anything making you sick or queasy: I was struggling a bit with this a few weeks ago, but things have gotten so good I can even have the occasional half cup of coffee!  I’m seriously impressed with how much easier nausea with this pregnancy has been.

Symptoms:  I’m just going to name all the things so that if there is another pregnancy I can relate.  Headaches occasionally.  Depression definitely made worse by pregnancy.  The yeast growth in the underarms and under breast areas.  Way better smell than usual (not pleasant, everything stinks to me). Ligament pain. Acne/facial blemishes all the time.  Sore back when I am on my feet too much (a much lower threshold then pre-pregnancy.)

Looking forward to: I guess planning for Christmas.  I’m deep in a funk right now, so nothing seems that appealing.  I am very much anticipating feeling these little kicks get stronger.  I’ve been feeling movement for a few months now, but as he gets bigger they’ll be able to be felt on the skin, so I can share that with Shane and Hazel.  Most of the kicks I feel currently, however, are deep in my pelvis, so the little one might need a change of position first.

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