November 26

We’ve had quite the snow day here today, 5-ish inches and counting.  It’s Sunday and Shane is home, so it’s pretty much the most ideal day for a snow day ever.  I’ve been here for four Novembers now, and this is by far the snowiest I’ve seen!  It’s gorgeous!  Later in the week the temperatures are supposed to warm up to -4C and I am SO excited for it!  Side note: that picture above is so funny.  If I didn’t know better I’d think I took it last year since Hazel looks pretty much the same and wore the same jacket/scarf combo.  Yesterday was pretty awesome too.  We went to the Christmas craft fair with a bunch of friends in the morning.  Hazel and her friends got matching tattoos, which was so adorable.  And they ate cookies and ran around (but listened so well!)  Everyone was so happy!  After lunch we went to a Christmas movie with friends and the kiddos got to meet Santa!  Hazel could see a movie playing on a TV to the side of Santa, so she barely spoke to him, just jabbered on about the movie.  Eye roll.  The kid has a screen problem.  After the movie we headed to a quick 5-minute outdoor (-20C) family photo session.  5 minutes!  It was so smart.  We would have frozen to death if it was any longer.We decorated for Christmas last week, and Hazel is in love with all of it.  She can’t wait to get her hands on more decorations when we put up a tree.  I tried to get Shane to go pick one out today, but he wouldn’t let me.  Sad!  I feel like everyone has already got theirs up and I’m missing out!  We’ve planned our advent activities for the month and Shane and I spent some time writing out cards last night.  I’m so glad he helped out with that this time around!  Hazel’s absolute favourite song right now is Holly Jolly Christmas.  She sings it all the time.  “Yo Ho the mistle toe hung where you can seeeeeee”  I’ve also been making delicious candy treats and sharing them with our friends. Things like fresh raspberry creams, coffee spiced caramels, peanut butter dreams and hazelnut cups.  Obviously I’m popular now 😉Aside from a gift for my father in law all of my Christmas shopping is done.  We put a serious budget in place this year, and we’re doing it!  I’m so happy.  Shane and I always go crazy on gifts for each other and this year we decided to require the gifts to be homemade with a $75 limit.  I’m knocking this one out of the park!  I have all the things I need, now I just need to put it all together.  I can’t wait for Shane to go back to work so I can get busy!I’ve got a Christmas baking exchange planned with some friends for next weekend.  I’m very excited for it.  I’ve got plans to make a prize for best tasting and prettiest treats.  I’m going to have a few savory nibbles out and those disposable turkey pans available for bringing them all home.  Low key and super easy, I’m pumped!One of the biggest differences I notice whenever I come back from an extended trip is just how dry it is here.  Like, when I move around in the sheets in the dark, I can see sparks.  Or when I touch my laundry, I get shocked.  Anyway, I finally ordered two small humidifiers that I plan to move from bedroom to main rooms every day and I’m really hoping it will help.  One of the most obvious places to notice the dryness is actually in Hazel’s hair.  It’s so curly and smooth down south and when we come here it immediately gets frizzled and matted.  I very much want for this to help her with that, but it might be wishful thinking.  The humidifiers should arrive tomorrow, so I’ll keep you posted…maybe.

2 Comments on November 26

  1. Michelle
    December 1, 2017 at 10:26 am (2 months ago)

    Yay she is finally old enough to understand Christmas! This is the best age 😊

  2. Maia Dixon
    December 3, 2017 at 1:58 pm (2 months ago)

    I love the jingle bell boots. I just put some on my kid’s boots.


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