Christmas 2017 + Goal Recap

Christmas was so relaxed and slow.  Shane worked a night shift, so we waited to look for evidence of Santa until he got home.  Hazel got both of the things she asked for, a farm set and a bell so she was pleased.  Shane and I made each other gifts this year and it was just wonderful.  I’m definitely going to ask for that again this year.  After gifts we had a large breakfast of cinnamon rolls (which Hazel wouldn’t eat), scrambled eggs, bacon, and oranges.  I always try to get a family picture on Christmas morning, but whoa these are not great. I have a really tough time seeing myself when I’m this pregnant.  Like, “WHO IS THAT PERSON??” 
Shane went to sleep for the day and Hazel and I hung out enjoying our gifts.  We drove out to Shane’s work after he had started his shift and brought dinner with us.  I’m so glad we did that.  We had: crockpot meatballs, jalapeno poppers, greek salad, spinach and artichoke dip and for dessert (which we didn’t eat then), I made a gingerbread cake with caramel, roasted apples and ice cream.  It was a feast!

These were my goals for 2017:

This year my goal is to run two or three half marathons. – FAIL, but I’m totally cool with that.  I loooooooved the half marathon Shane and I both ran.  I felt amazing doing it, but I find training where I live (bears!) and having Shane’s erratic schedule mixed with a child very challenging.  I’m not sure I’ll be in shape to run another one in 2018, especially with another little person, but you never know!

To eliminate all bank fees from my life. – PASS!  I totally did this and it feels great.  Setting up new bank accounts and investment accounts wasn’t a lot of fun, but I’m so glad we did it!  We now use Tangerine for our banking (saving us $15/month) and Questrade for our DIY investing (saving us $500-$800/year).  The only place I wasn’t able to eliminate fees and one of my bigger financial regrets was using a company for Hazel’s RESP.  Ugh, never again folks.

And to go on a road trip (that isn’t destination Chilliwack) – DID IT!  We took a bomb-a** road trip to Winnipeg and it was definitely my favourite travel of the year.

To double our net worth by the end of the year – We definitely did this and more.  I still wouldn’t call myself an expert, but the amount of learning I did about personal finance this year is staggering.  It’s a full-on hobby/passion of mine now.  I love thinking about it, reading about it and talking about it.  The fact that we were able to double our net worth shows you that we are still at the very beginning of our financial journey, but we all have to start somewhere.

2018’s goals are almost all financial.  Some get into very specific financials, so I won’t get too into those, but generally:

Track spending very closely (I’ve spent hours making beautiful/customized spreadsheets for myself)

Eliminate most of our consumer debt (housing & car)

Reduce our discretionary spending

Open a new RESP for the baby

Stick to our budget for trips to Chilliwack (x2)

No vacations this year

A clothing ban for myself

And finally to take one picture a month with all of us in it

That’s it!  Have a super awesome new year if I don’t check in before then!

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  1. Maia Dixon
    January 2, 2018 at 9:56 am (2 months ago)

    When I read this, I realized that I only have 2 photos of all of my family. Thanks for the inspiration! Mike and I are committing to one pic a month with all 4 of us in it.


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