29 Weeks – #2

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Baby is the size of: Imagine something around 3lbs and 15 inches.

Gender? It is most definitely a boy, which is what I dreamed it was, well before we knew for sure.

Sleep: I’ve been getting as much sleep as humanly possible.  An average night would be 8:30-5:30, it’s the only way I can survive.  I haven’t been waking up as much at night for the past week or two, which is so lovely!  My night time starvation is only 4-5 times a week instead of every single night.  Interestingly I wrote the same thing in my 29-week update last time.  Isn’t that funny?

Best Moment: Any time Hazel hugs my bump and sings to it, reads to it, talks about snuggling the baby, says she loves him, tries to tickle him, feels him kick and talks about how much she is looking forward to meeting him, my heart melts.  I have no illusions that it’s going to be a pain-free transition, this girl is very attached to her mommy and requires almost constant attention, but I do think her age and personality are going to make the transition a bit easier.

Miss Anything? My short hair.  Haha!  I’m dreaming about getting it cut nice and short again.  I’m going to wait until the summer to do it because I don’t look great with a swollen face and short hair.  Until then, blast this wretched hair of mine, lol!

Food Cravings:  Nothing special.  I’m eating a pretty normal diet again with more fruits and veggies, just because they finally appeal to me.  I am definitely eating a few more sweets then I would prepregnancy, but that it’s 100% okay with me!

Items Purchased: I have bought exactly one thing in the last five weeks, and it was only to get free shipping on an amazon order, ha!  It was my favourite change pad cover, but in blue instead of the pink we already have.  It was a whole $12.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Who even knows?  It feels so random.

Symptoms: It’s not so much a symptom, but my belly button is doing the weirdest things again.  It’s half in and half out, but it makes my belly flat on the end.  I can’t really describe it…my bump is round, until the furthest point and then it’s flat, like the tip of lopped off and it’s because of my weird belly button positioning.  Not bad, just weird.  My feet and ankles are starting to swell.  I am starting to get those aches and pains hauling around an extra 25 pounds will do to you.  The hot water bottle is making a comeback! I have been having a lot of tightening and discomfort in my belly in the evenings, which is my cue to lay down and take it easy.  I’ve also noticed that towards the end of the day I’m starting a definite waddle, ha!  Shane denies it, but too quickly, so I know it’s true.

Looking forward to: 11 more weeks until the dreaded two-week countdown until induction! HAHAHA. I wish I could be induced on my due date rather than inevitably at 42 weeks.  Oh well.

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  1. dina geerts
    January 18, 2018 at 5:15 pm (1 day ago)

    Love your baby bump. You look good.
    One of our neighbours had a husband who would say “quack, quack” every time his very pregnant wife walked by him. Shane isn’t doing that! (years later she reminded us about it and thought it funny).


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