January 27

Things that have happened since I last wrote:

-Hazel got a haircut!  It was desperately needed and we love it.

-Shane took apart the nursery room. (Ceilings, walls, floors)  So it’s now disassembled in the front yard covered in snow.

-I made it to 31 weeks of pregnancy and passed my gestational diabetes test.

-We celebrated the new year in a very low key way (shane, working and me, sleeping).

-I set a challenge to myself to spend only $300 on groceries for the month.  I’m on day 29/31 and the budget is at $303/$300.  So $3 over, I’m pretty proud of that.

-We made plans for and canceled 2 date nights.

-Shane has worked and worked and worked some more. (Not complaining!)

-Started counting the weeks until we are out of the cold/snow. (5!)

-Hazel decided to be potty trained again.  I knew waiting for her to initiate would be easiest and I was right.

-Both Hazel and I grew out of our snow boots.Honestly, it’s January which is cold and boring.  I’m waiting impatiently to have this baby and to fly to Chilliwack and see adults on a daily basis.  February brings a few birthdays and Valentine’s Day which we have fun celebrating.  I’m really hoping to see some progress in the nursery since my very type-A personality does not do well with studs and subfloors instead of rugs and cribs when I’m two months out from having this baby.  Since it’s international cake day today I’m going to ignore my worries and have an extra wide slice!  Bye 🙂

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