Hazel Updates

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My sweetheart turned two on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure it blew her expectations out of the water.  (Not that a two year old has expectations about anything, except watching movies every day with poc-orn!)  She had been talking about her party all week.  Every time we baked anything she announced “it’s for my birt-day”.  She was so happy to see the decorations I put up, the minnie mouse balloon, and the cake pops.  Oh the cake pops!  She was such a huge fan!  She made cake pops out of playdough for two days afterwards.

We sang her happy birthday with a candle in her pancakes, which thrilled her.  She opened her gifts slowly, one by one, stopping to play and read every book along the way.  There was no rushing this girly.  We gave her a marble run (she’s obsessed), a matching game (loves it), a mickey mouse book set (her new favourite) and a nightlight.  Shane’s dad gifted her some money which we bought plenty of new books with, so she was very happy.  Her party consisted of four friends, which was perfect.  We ate hot dogs, popcorn and fruit salad which are all her favourites.  For the adults we added pasta salad and cut up veggies.  The grin on her face all day…it couldn’t have made me any happier.

My girl is two!  How can it be? (more…)

Hazel – 9 Months

9monthsMy how the time flies!  Here we are, a few days late, but here.  Hazel has been sick the past week and I am frayed right to the ends.  I wished I hadn’t started these updates because I just don’t have it in me to write.  I realize it will be wonderful in the future to reflect, which is the only thing keeping me going.  9 months, crazy.  Hazel’s personality has come right out.  On the days she isn’t whiny and needy it’s such a joy to be around her.  She makes me smile all. the. time.  She’s clever and determined and always keeping me on my toes. (more…)

Hazel – 8 Months

8monthsIt was ridiculously hard to get Hazel to sit still for these photos!  I’m sorry you can’t see her beautiful smile here, but it’s the only shot in which her body wasn’t a blur of motion!  I can’t believe we’re finished another month.  How is it that she’ll never be 7 months again?  She is such a little heart-stealing ham.  Honestly, I can’t kiss those cheeks enough.  She makes me smile every single day, and melts me with her beautiful brown eyes.  I feel so lucky that this little girl is mine! (more…)

Hazel – 7 Months

7months Here we are again, if you can believe it.  This past month Hazel seemed to grow up so much.  Even just looking at her 6 month picture I’m floored by the difference.  Every once and a while I’ll see a picture or catch a glimpse of a little girl, not a baby.  Hazel didn’t have too many first this month, but she got a lot better at the things she already knows to do.   (more…)

Hazel’s first Halloween!

I’ve never been a halloween person.  The best enthusiasm I’ve mustered was my preteen years where I made it my mission to get as much candy as possible.  Even then my costumes were a little “put together” shall we say?  Having a little person to make memories for has changed my tune completely.  I’ve never so much as hung a decoration and this year I went all out with cobwebs and bats and skulls.  It was awesome!  Here are a few pictures of our day.  IMG_6216I made this wreathe! (more…)

Hazel – 6 Months

6monthsOh my god, I have a 6-month old.  This was a date I could never imagine before she was here.  It seemed as far away as anything could be.  But here I am with a happy, smiley, chatty, beautiful and fun little girl.  Every day with her gets better. every. single. day.  She is light of my life and the centre of my world, I can’t get enough of her.  Watching her grow and thrive is the best thing I could possibly be doing with my life.  She has shaped me into a much better version of myself.  One that is fun and outgoing and responsible.  Into the person I want her to be.  My heart is full to bursting when I think about her, and sometimes my chest just aches with all it’s joy.  Even in my most overwhelming moments I only want to make her smile and ease her stress.  She is my everything.  I totally see how people find themselves with big families, I could do this 5 times over.  (very well spaced, of course) (more…)

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