Right Now, February 17

Loving// Hazel has been such a blast lately.  I’m always her biggest fan, but I’d like to know when she turned into such a big kid!  Honestly.  She makes us laugh all the time, she plays the cutest imaginary games, makes up songs and usually sleeps through the night!  Also, maybe the biggest change in the way I see her is that she doesn’t wear diapers any more.  She just decided to be a “big girl” and wear underwear, and all of the sudden she’s 100% potty trained.  Thank god, seriously.   (more…)

January 27

Things that have happened since I last wrote:

-Hazel got a haircut!  It was desperately needed and we love it. (more…)

2017 Recap

I wasn’t going to do one of these silly things, but I changed my mind last minute.  I do want to see the highlights in one post!  2017 felt really hard, so many things changed and we are definitely leaving on the upswing.  When I look at it as a whole we actually did a lot of traveling!  We had our adventures, that’s for sure!  The biggest thing for both Shane and I (I believe) was addressing our individual mental health.  What a massive change in both of us.  Things are feeling so much easier now.  Sometimes you just get close to the edge, I guess before things get better. (more…)

Christmas 2017 + Goal Recap

Christmas was so relaxed and slow.  Shane worked a night shift, so we waited to look for evidence of Santa until he got home.  Hazel got both of the things she asked for, a farm set and a bell so she was pleased.  Shane and I made each other gifts this year and it was just wonderful.  I’m definitely going to ask for that again this year.  After gifts we had a large breakfast of cinnamon rolls (which Hazel wouldn’t eat), scrambled eggs, bacon, and oranges.  I always try to get a family picture on Christmas morning, but whoa these are not great. I have a really tough time seeing myself when I’m this pregnant.  Like, “WHO IS THAT PERSON??”  (more…)

December 23

Oh hey! It’s almost Christmas Eve!  Almost more importantly, the shortest day of the year has passed!  I always think I’m doing okay, but when we get this far into the long long looooooong mornings, I die.  We are up anywhere between 4:50-5:30 every. single. morning.  and I’ll remind you the sun doesn’t come up until 10:06.  That’s 5 hours and 5 minutes of my day in which it’s pitch black outside.  I don’t know, mornings always feel so brutal.  Once the sun gets up, we go out for an activity and we are good for the day, no problems.  Only two more months of unreasonable darkness and things will get a lot better!  I know I sound whiny, but it feels hard! (more…)

December 6

Hi!  Can we please talk about the weather for a hot second? It’s pretty great right now!  It is unseasonably warm, I mean, yesterday was 3 degrees!  It was the most glorious day to go for a walk.  There is just something about not having the cold bite your face instantly that warms me up inside.  We’ve also had far and away the most snow I’ve seen so early in the season during my four winters here.  Currently we have a glorious 10 day stretch without precipitation in the forecast.  I’m doing a happy dance.  I mean, look at this screenshot from December 10, 2016, and tell me you wouldn’t be dancing too. (more…)

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