April 19

*Hello, hello. Is this thing on?*  I’m having a tough time with this space right now.  I’m putting this chatter out into the world, and am getting no good feelings in return.  Is any one there?  It’s okay if no one is, I’m totally alright with that.  In fact, it would be better that way.  I think I’ve opened up and shared too much, and no one has heard me.  Or if they have, they’ve not liked what they read and judged silently.  Ouch.  I’m definitely feeling disenchanted.  Anyway, I’m here to try this again.  To try and keep it light, when that isn’t how things are any more.   (more…)

Show and Tell – Your Loves

IMG_2349-2I feel kind of silly posting a post like this.  Any one who reads this knows, it’s not really my style.  But I’ve been itching to do something like this and I figured, hey it’s my blog and if I want to, why not?  I guess this blog feels really personal.  It’s all me all the time and this just feels…different.  Any way here goes nothing. (more…)

Right Now – February 13

Loving// Planning for Hazel’s birthday.  It’s two months away, I realize that, but we’re going to be near the boarder for a few weeks and sometimes the shipping from etsy is massively cheaper, so it pays to get it shipped to Sumas.  Also, I need to visit a party supply store when we are down, because the shipping it like $10 at Party City.  Last year Hazel’s little party we had planned with her friends got cancelled, so this is her first birthday party.  I’m not huge on themed birthday parties, but she loves Mickey Mouse a lot, so I am kind of leading with that (but not going over board, I swear.) (more…)

Tuesday Recap

Happy Tuesday!  How did you spend you weekend?  If you are living in the Vancouver area (as most of my friends and family do) you spent it snowed in!  We were attached to the potty in this house, which made it very difficult to leave.   Potty training is a full on job!  What everyone’s hurry to be out of diapers?  Now I’ll be potty police every twenty minutes for the foreseeable future.  Hazel is doing very well though, with only a few accidents which is nice!  Dresses and princess panties are where it’s at.  I’ve only got three pairs for her though, so I “rush” ordered some more from Old Navy.  I say “rush” because the quickest option won’t arrive for 4-5 business days, ha!  You should have seen how proud she was to do her first #2 in the potty though, so cute! (more…)

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