June 5

Here we are, a few hours from leaving.  It’s Shane’s twice annual vacation (which we always spend in Chilliwack), and we are so very excited!  He is coming off night shift, so he’s sleeping right now, and will wake up in the early hours of the morning, pack the final items into the truck (and then pack us in too).  We have a 14 hour drive ahead of us, and that’s without stops to Kamloops where we are planning to spend the night.  Luckily it doesn’t get very dark here at night right now (sunrise 4:05, sunset 10:15), so starting the drive around 3 in the morning isn’t a stretch.  It’s a far cry from winter, where we’ve started our drives at 6 am and been in the dark until 9am.  I love summer!

And I am so very excited to be staying in Chilliwack for the month of June.  It’s going to be amazing, like it always is.  Posting will be even more sporadic (if it happens at all!), so until next time, enjoy yourself!

Right Now – May 26

Loving // My garden and I are getting along great right now!  I am actually really excited for this season!  Last year I planted 6 weeks later than this year, so of course it will be a far different expierece.  I am excited to pick up some perennials down south and send them back with Shane.  Slow and steady with the gardens right?  There is so much potential in our yard, but northern gardening still scares me (as far as keeping things like peonies and dahlias coming back year after year.)  This year we are installing fence all around the yard, so that will be a big improvement over our current view of the overgrown back lane.  I’ve got to arrange for someone to water my plants while I’m down though, which is turning into a HUGE PAIN!  (Shane will be with us two weeks out of four this time, and we’re all going away for two weeks at the end of August as well.)  I didn’t think that one through very well. (more…)

May 21

Happy May Long!  We’ve had a really great weekend here.  Shane finally had days off (love overtime, hate not having Shane around) on Friday – Sunday.  So we packed up and headed to Summit Lake to camp.  We had planned on two nights, but got too much sun…only on our faces, because we were bundled up in the winter coats, ha!  I hadn’t even considered sunburns in my planning!  I didn’t have sunblock, aloe vera, or hats for all of us.  Since we don’t have an awning on the trailer, we had no place to get out of the sun, so we had to come home.   As nice as it would have been to stay, we had a lovely extra day at home.  It was a wonderful 22 degrees, which called for a run through the sprinkler.   (more…)

May 11

Hey!  Hazel and I just returned from a quick visit to Chilliwack.  10 days was nowhere near long enough.  It’s a good thing we’ve got another trip on the books.  (25 days!)We were lucky to get a ride down with a friend and her daughter, which made the trip much more enjoyable.  It was 9pm before we landed in Vancouver, but Hazel was sooo excited to see my mom.  It was adorable.  She didn’t stop talking for an hour and a half. (more…)

April 27

Hey there!  The weather is warm and sunny, the snow/muck are mostly gone and we are all feeling so much better for it.  Our neighbours have all been out cutting their lawns the past two days, but I’m looking at mine wondering if it needs it yet.  It just seems a bit…brown.  I’m getting to the point in the house/yard where I just don’t really care.  I’m over spending money to constantly improve things.  Maybe since we’ve now lived here for 1.5 years I’m accepting the way things are, shrugging my shoulders and moving on.  This isn’t our forever house you know?  Even though we might be here forever *winky face*. (more…)

Weekend Happenings

Saturday morning, bright and snowy.  Will it never end?  I took Hazel to Ready Set Learn just down the street at the school and it was a cooooold -10.  Luckily it’s only a 6 or so minute walk.  Thank god for 1.5 hours of entertainment and chatting with my friend.  These free programs are everything to me.  After lunch (a delicious odds and end salad) Hazel slept (fairly easily I might add).  I did an hour of Yoga with Adriene, that gal is the best!  I’ve done her 30 days of yoga program, it was actually the first thing I did postpartum and it was amazing.  I quickly changed, switched Hazel’s toys out (we are on a 3 week rotation) and then woke her up from her nap.   I usually hate waking her up because she’s super cranky and I loooove having as much time to myself as possible, but she’s been incredible hard to put down at night if she naps 1.5+.  So she was up! (more…)

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