24 Weeks – #2

How far along? I’m 24 weeks along and wow is time ever dragging.  What other events do you count down in weeks almost a year out?? Geeze, if I had a trip booked for 40 weeks out I wouldn’t even think of it until the last 3 months.   (more…)

21 Weeks – #2

How far along? I’m nearing 21 weeks as I write this.  I was away from my computer for more than a month, hence the very spacious posting. (more…)

16 Weeks – #2

How far along: 16 wonderful weeks!  And this past week 15-16 was the fastest yet.  I don’t have a clue why, because we didn’t do anything different.  Time just sped up, and I’m super grateful. (more…)

14 Weeks – #2

How far along? I’m now 14 weeks and in my second trimester.  This is a moment that seemed so so far away at the beginning (which was only 10 weeks ago).  The next “I can’t imagine it getting here” moment is 20 weeks, but that’s actually going to happen super quickly because 4 entire weeks of that will be spent in Chilliwack/on a solo vacation to Quebec City!! (more…)

10 Weeks – #2

How far along? Today I am 10 weeks, finally in double digits!  Getting here seemed to take unbelievably long.  In fact, I’ve been so worried about losing this baby that this is the first time I’ve written about it.  And unlike the first and second times, I’ve only taken 2 pictures so far.  Fortunately, I still feel pregnant, and I’m starting to get more confident this might actually work out.

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