Ice Cream

Caramelized Blood Orange and Almond Sundaes

Whoops! I almost forgot to mention I made this.  We entertained friends for dinner the weekend before last and our dessert was sundaes.  This went over far better then I ever thought it would with the adult crowd!  I had an array of kid friendly toppings which most people mixed together with the blood orange caramel sauce and everyone was happier for it.  I wasn’t super stoked on this dessert.  The sweetness of the ice cream made the orange taste more like grapefruit and I am always a huge lover of the blood orange.  I don’t think I’d make this again, there are definitely better sundae combos out there. (more…)

Rocky Road Sundae Pie

IMG_1640This past weekend marked the non-official end of summer.  It was a glorious thing that I had the night off.  To celebrate the end of the warmth and sun we had a few people over for a BBQ.  Though it was dark early (8:30), we ate 100% by candle light and blankets were totally necessary, the night was a great success.  We drank delicious sangria in the name of summer and ate all our BBQ favourites.  Bacon cheeseburgers with candied jalapenos, buttermilk ranch potato salad, caesar salad and zucchini gratin (my fave!), it was all delicious.  To cap off a summer’s end BBQ, what better than ice cream pie and fireworks?  It just so happened there were randomly fireworks planned in the park next to our place.  They rained light on the end of our meal and I was thankful for such a wonderful time. (more…)

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice-Cream Sandwiches


There is always one point in the year, when ice cream sandwiches sound so right!  And I am never wrong.  Ice cream sandwiches are a messy, sticky but always rewarding endeavor.  There is just so much that goes into them! Since they are just so messy, I think I’m better off with a sundae, it jives so much better with my personality; clean, calculated and totally eclectic, but I always give ice cream sandwiches a shot.  This ice cream sandwich couldn’t have been closer to what I was craving.  I love peanut butter so much that it’s probably more effective to inject it into my veins, but I insist on eating it all. the. time.  It’s just so good!  Oddly my dad couldn’t disagree more, in fact, I’ve hear tales of him actually spitting it out after being tricked into eating it.  Now that’s hate.  Luckily for him I didn’t share these! (Actually, Shane totally ate five out of six of these) (more…)

Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie in Toasted Pecan Crust

Oh man, nothing says summer to me like ice cream and lemon meringue pie. Separately of course, on a normal day, but today we’re eating the best of both worlds.  I didn’t mean to get here, to ice cream and lemon, this early in the season I promise that, so let me explain.  I had 2/3 of a carton of vanilla ice cream and a package of pecans in the cupboard (very rare around these parts).  I wondered what I could make that would combine the two.  When I stumbled upon this recipe I knew I hit the jackpot, because like, for real?! It was calling to me.  Summer is all up on my fork and dancing on my taste buds!  This pie is redonk. Seriously, it’s got a super bright puckery lemon flavour, and the calm soothing vanilla ice cream.  It’s got a crunchy, buttery, delicious pecan crust and best of all it’s topped with a cloud of meringue, the ideal contrast to all those other textures. Nevermind textural contrast, after you leave the pie out for a few minutes the meringue and lemon curd come to room temp and there is a whole other layer of temperature contrast. Warm and frozen, and cold and warm!   Shane has eaten about half the pie in just two slices, though to be fair, I’ve done some serious damage to it, because dang is it good! (more…)

Mexican Hot Fudge Sundaes

This hot fudge sundae was everything I wanted it to be and more!  I was looking for something with ice cream, but only one flavour.  I wanted the ice cream that night, so making it was out of the question.  I finally settled on this and it was such a breeze to make!  Everyone loves a good hot fudge sundae, and this one was better than most.  It had delicious creamy ice cream, a spice-y and unique hot fudge and instead of pine nuts, buttery decadent toasted pecans. You might think it a slightly odd combination, but it’s one that works oh so well.  I’ve eaten far too many bowls of this in the past few days, and renewed my appreciation for the classic hot fudge sundae.  This dessert is seriously delicious! (more…)

Mocha Crunch Ice Cream Cake

This time it was ice cream cake.  The day started early, like it always does (or did, anyway), in his pack I packed away a tidy special breakfast, something different then the same old oatmeal.  Blueberry muffins and glazed bacon.  That ought to get him off on the right foot.  I drove the hour and a half to have lunch with him, I gave him his gift.  There was buckets of rain and plenty of mushy I-love-you-happy-birthdays.  We had dinner later that night with friends, at a far-to-dimly-lit place not to far from us.  We had coffee and dessert at our place afterwards and like I said, this time it was ice cream cake. (more…)

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