Quebec City

I was lucky enough to go on my first ever solo vacation last month, with a quick trip to Quebec City.  I decided on Quebec because 1: the Canadian dollar is weeeeeak, so any exchange was really going to hurt which ruled out anywhere, especially the USA and 2: I only had 5 days to work with, so it needed to be close-ish but still feel adventurous.  I gotta say, I was very happy with my choice! (more…)

Road Trip 2017

Road trip time!  Shane, Hazel and I went on our most epic road trip to date.  We covered 6,500km over 17 days.  To say it was a lot of driving would be an understatement.  No regrets though!  It was an amazing experience in so many ways.  I don’t think we (as a family) have ever had that much uninterrupted time together and it felt so good.  Shane went back to work last night and while money is great, we really missed being together.  Here is our trip and some of the highlights along the way.

Day 1 – FN to Grande Prairie.  No highlights here! Just good old fashioned boring northern BC driving. (more…)

Muncho Lake

We’ve just returned from a 4 night trip to Mucho Lake which was both wonderful and challenging.  I spent 4 days freezing my butt off, and was relieved to pull into Fort Nelson and its warmer weather! Keeping clothes on Hazel was a full-time job, ha!  The weather at Mucho is very fickle and I spent the first two days taking the hammock up and down as the showers came and went.  A hammock while camping though guys…game. changer.


Girls Weekend at Sparkling Hills

By the time we were ready to leave for Chilliwack, I was in desperate need of a night away.  A night without husband or children or any responsibilities.  My wonderful partner said “do what ever you need”, and he meant it.  So I booked a room at Sparkling Hill resort just outside Vernon and asked my mom to join me.  We had an amazing time. (more…)

A Father’s Day trip to the Sunshine Coast

I am a huge proponent of experiences over things, so to celebrate father’s day this year I planned a small trip to the Sunshine Coast.  We left early enough one morning that both of my passengers fell asleep on the way in to the ferry.  The trip was a short 40 minutes, which was perfect.  Hazel loved her first ferry experience running around like a mad woman in the strong wind.

A San Francisco Road Trip Recap – 7 Years Late

So this is a weird post, feel free to skip it, but I was uploading old photos from my external hard drive last night and came across these wonderful photos.  They had me laughing my butt off one second and cringing the next!  Two of my sisters (Natasha and Stephlynne) and I road tripped from Chilliwack to San Francisco and back in 2010.  THESE PICTURES ARE 7 YEARS OLD, PLEASE BE KIND TO US!  I don’t remember doing much planning for this trip, we just decided to do it. (Right Tash?)  Can you even imagine doing that now?  I’ve never laughed so hard or so frequently.   We were so young!  I was 19, Natasha 18 and Steph was days away from 17 (I think!).  Anyway, most of these were never posted and a trip of the magnitude needs recording.  I love these memories and I love these girls.  I have no idea why we took half the pictures we took…like pictures of every single spill on our clothing?  Really?  We thought it was hilarious at the time though!  Oh, and every single beverage we drank.  Why I saved 100s of blurry photos is beyond me.  We took like fifty pictures of the inside of a lighthouse, which you can imagine are NOT INTERESTING AT ALL!  Please forgive me sisters, but this is happening.DSCF1006 7 (more…)

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