August 10

IMG_4702Hey, look at this!  It’s a dump truck.  In our yard!  Unfortunately what he is tipping is not exactly what I had in mind when I ordered 3/4 crush.  It looks a lot like dirt.  Boo!  It’s 10 yards of dirt to be exact, with a few pebbles in it.  Apparently it’s kind of an issue around here, the amount of fines in the gravel.  Oh well.  It was so so much work to spread all that dirt/gravel, but it’s finally done.  We’ve been trying to rent the only plate tamper in town for 2.5 weeks now, but it’s still not available, so that blows.  (Please excuse the ghetto cooler upside down in our yard, it was drying after a good scrubbing.)  I’d say our backyard is looking much better now, but it’s not really.  Now it looks like a huge dirt pad next to the grass.  I’m rather disappointed, especially considering how expensive it was. (more…)

Winter Vacation – Part 2, Belize

Alright, here be the second half of our vacation.  Boy oh boy do I ever miss it!  I did a 8km run in the -20 today and my face just about froze off.  And something very very bad happened to the screen on my phone.  I swear up and down that I didn’t drop it!

Feb 8 –  FINALLY, a sunny day.  IMG_7982 (more…)

Winter Vacation – Part 1, Belize

It’s about time that I get these photos up.  There is nothing I like more than coming back to these posts in a few months, or years time and seeing memories of this wonderful moment.  Blogs are amazing that way.  I’ve decided to break it into two parts.  I was thinking that I’d do a Belize part and a Chilliwack part, but 90% of the photos I took are from our time in Belize, so I’m going with half the photos on this post, half on the next one.  We also made a point of taking a bunch of small videos in hopes of compiling them into a cute short family movie, but I’m totally overwhelmed by the prospect of learning how to stick all these clips together in an interesting, not boring for the viewer way.  Maybe when I have a spare 6 hours to use up I’ll give it a go.  Anywho, without further rambling… (more…)

Feb 26

IMG_1902  Okay hi.  Phew!  (Imagine me slumping into my chair hurriedly with an exhausted air, that’s how it is.)  I am forcing myself to sit down and write a post.  I’ve got hours and hours of stuff to do on the computer and maybe an hour each day to do it.  Guys, I just downloaded 1200 pictures from our three weeks away.  It took me two hours just to look at them all!  I don’t have any clue when I’m going to find time to edit them and then upload them to the internet.  That it literally a 5 hours commitment.  I’m overwhelmed.  So I just chose a few of my favourites to focus on and uploaded them.  And then I placed them randomly and with no thought into this post.  #winning!  I wanted to make a book out of our vacation and get it printed, but when guys? WHEN!?  Remember my project life scrapbook from last year?  I’m STILL trying to get caught up.  I’m just finished October  2015.  Ugh, so much to do. (more…)

September 27

Hey look at me, I’m here again!  This is another random update but I took a bunch of pictures on my camera I wanted to get up here before I forgot.  First up are two family pictures from our latest snap-sesh.  I usually just stick the camera on a chair, put the remote timer on and snap about 25-35 pictures.  We get what we get.  This time was just before our housewarming party, so Hazel was all ready for bed and Shane and I were dressed up a little.  I like to call the second picture “too much love”, lol!  Our party went really well, I didn’t take one picture, which is a good sign to me.  Shane spent the entire day before slowly smoking a pork shoulder, which we then made into pulled pork sandwiches.  He did an amazing job as usual, it was fantastic.IMG_6447 IMG_6459 (more…)

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