Day 2, Paris

 sunny 24 °C

Today we got lost…a lot. Everywhere we turned was a wrong direction. We bought a gps for peet’s sake! How can we still not know?? We found our way down to the train station and made our way to the Louvre which had VERY long lines, one for the tickets then another to get in. Little did we know that would be our normal today. We ditched that idea and walked on over the the Musee d’Orsay. Initially we haden’t planned to see D’Orsay, so we can actually thank long lines at the Louvre for this one. (more…)

Day 1, Paris

5634441647_9e61d7c406.jpgThis is the first sun rise we saw leaving YVR at 6:30am, it was a pretty surprise. We landed in Minnesota and waited to board again at 3:45. While we flew over the ocean our “night, or, dark hours” were shortened to about four hours. Meaning that we were racing towards darkness and then backout into the sun. It was very neat.

This would be the second and most beautiful sunrise we saw a few minutes before we landed in Paris. And on the subject of sleeping, I would also like to tell EVERYONE that Adivan and booze do not make me sleep AND on a side note that overseas flights ARE somewhat awesome, this is why; 4 packets of salted peanuts, 4 beers, a full dinner, a full breakfast and unlimited cups of coffee and water EACH. (more…)

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